10 sweet things women do that melt guys’ hearts, though they never say it out loud


We may openly complain about our girlfriends, but we’re pretty stingy when it comes to compliments. Oh sure, we’ll say stuff like you’re beautiful or you look great today, but we rarely admit to them that this particular thing you did really make our day and things like that.

It could be the fact that we expect our girlfriends to know how we feel, or we just felt that it’s too mushy and unmanly to say out loud. If you’ve experienced this before, it’s okay, because most guys in Singapore are like that.

Here are 10 things women do that really melt guys’ hearts. Although your boyfriend might not give any indication of that outwardly, you can be sure that within them, there’s a huge meltdown going on.

Making time for him

Your schedules  might not coincide, but she’ll still make time to meet with you. It’s okay if she has to give up spending time with her friends and family, or if she has to sleep lesser. It’s because she gets to meet you, which is so much more important.

Wanting to meet up, even for just a few minutes

Nothing makes your heart melt more than knowing that even if it was just for a few minutes, she wants to just meet up, hug and enjoy your company. That’s how much she really loves having you at her side.

Remembering a small detail in a casual conversation

Girls tend to remember whatever we say and we really hate that because they’ll bring it up at the most inopportune of time, i.e. during fights and quarrels.

But you’ll be singing a different tune when she does something for you because of a small thing you’ve mentioned in a casual conversation a few months back; a thing that, sometimes, even you yourself might have forgotten. You’ll be like aww, she really cares. Be careful to keep those tears in check.

Sob into your chest

Now, girls are emotional, but they also tend to put on a strong front. If she is opening crying on your shirt and you’re standing there like a fool, you’ll be half-touched and half-angry. Angry at those who made her cry, and touched that she trusts you enough to let you see her in such a vulnerable state.

Don’t want to hang up even after saying “bye” a couple of times

Nothing says I love you better than saying “bye” but still holding on to the phone, in case, she misses anything else you want to say to her before she goes to bed. Guys might say it’s irritating, but secretly, we love her doing that.

Learning to cook for him

Especially if she knows her cooking sucks, but she trains zealously until her food resembles something edible. There’s nothing like knowing a girl’s willing to go so far out of her comfort zone just to make you happy.

Tells him to look at the pretty girl is walking down the streets

I know this is pretty contradicting, but couples who are extremely secure in their relationship do that. If your woman does that to you, she trusts you. Unconditionally. Doesn’t that just melt your heart?

Looking at you like everything else doesn’t matter

You know, that look? It’s like in her eyes, you’re the only one existing and the rest of the world can burn for all she care.

Trying to make you happy

Isn’t it amazing to know that there’s someone who’s happy only if you’re happy? And even if she’s failing, her attempts at cheering you up will make you crack a smile at the very least.

Being there for him

She’s not here with you when you’re happy only. No matter whether you’re sad, unhappy, happy, excited or angry, she’s the only constant among all the uncertainties in the world.

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