10 telltale signs that your boyfriend is going to propose to you soon


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 2:41 pm

Girls like to be prepared no matter if they like surprises or not. We most definitely want to feel prepared if the time of his proposal is nearing. We don’t want to get all bare and unprepared if he decides to pop the question and we’re dressed in a sloppy outfit with no make up.

Here’s 10 telltale signs that your boyfriend is going to propose to you soon enough so remember, watch out for them and be prepared!

He becomes overprotective of his cellphone
He becomes super obsessed and protective of his cellphone, especially with the dubious group chats he has been laughing to without telling you what the content is about. The truth is that he has been asking around his guy friends for tips and tricks on the big question.

He has developed a keen interest in your jewelry
He has been checking out your jewelry, your ring size and what brand of jewelry you wear.

Missing jewelry
Or maybe even missing rings. He doesn’t want to ask for your ring size so he has ‘stolen’ your ring.

Goes on secret missions
He has been going on secret missions. He is always not answering his phone after work and he secretly goes shopping at the mall.


He has been saving
He has been saving, and never so much in the past. You know what he’s saving for now!

He says No to marriage
He brushes the topic of marriage off or simply a strict ‘No’ because he wants to surprise you.

He starts asking about wedding related stuff
He started to shower concern on your friends’ wedding ceremony by asking where the venue is and how much it cost them.

He becomes extra corny
He starts paying extra attention to you and showering you with gifts – simply to prepare you to agree to him when he pops the big question.

More late night talks
Both of you had increasing late night talks about serious issues and your future. Or maybe what names you’d like to give your children. And the puppies. Maybe grandkids.

He gets involved in your shopping trips
He starts to involve himself in your shopping trips, taking note of the brands you prefer, the colours you like and the designs you fancy. Next thing you know, he’s down on his knee!

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