10 things couples can do to fall in love all over again


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Tell her ‘I love you’ sincerely, just like how you tell her when you first got together

When you’re in a relationship for too long, you might feel that some things do not have to be said since he or she already knows what you’re thinking. But a little validation is a pretty good feeling.

Don’t believe me? Go up to the partner that you have been together with for some time and just tell her “I love you” sincerely and honestly. You’d have her blushing and smiling shyly in that special kind of way that your heart will start pounding immediately.

Forget WhatsApp, write him/her notes every day

Go to popular and buy a post-it pad, and leave it somewhere for him/her to find. For each note, write down a reason why you love her. Not enough reasons? Exercise your inner storyteller to write the same reason in different ways, just be discreet.

Doing this basically says: I’m finding more and more reasons to love you as each day passes. One additional thing, leave the note for your partner to find instead of telling her where to find the note. The surprise factor will spice up the relationship, and it’ll be something that’s just between the both of you.


Experience something new together

Sign up for a class, start a D.I.Y project, learn something new together. This will be good for conversations and spices up the relationship with something new. In fact, if your partner was attracted to you because of a certain attribute or quality that you have, this might just show your partner the part of you they were initially attracted to.

Spend some time apart

You know the saying absence makes the heart fonder? If you’re in a relationship for too long, you’ll start to spend more and more time together, almost like a married couple. Get some new hobbies or learn something new by yourself. The emotions you and your partner feel will be stronger the every time you meet. If you want to be technical, Google for economics and diminishing value. It’s something like that.


Flirt shamelessly with each other

Think back to how you guys flirted back in those days and break out those moves again. Do it the right way and it’ll be fun, not disturbing.

More hanky-panky, please

According to Wendy Walsh, a clinical psychologist and founder at AskALoveGuru.com, long-time couples don’t touch enough. So remember back to the time you guys just got together (aka honeymoon period) and couldn’t keep your hands away from each other. Do it, just remember to get a room or you’ll be stomped for PDA. Then we’ll write about you, don’t say we didn’t tell you ah.

Put away the phones

Technology is a wondrous thing, connecting us to the rest of the world. But at the same time, it’s bringing us away from the person we are spending time with. So the next time you’re on a date with your beau, put away the phone and pay attention solely to your partner. You’ll come to find out new things you never knew about him or rediscover old things that made you fall in love with that person that first time round.

Surprise your partner every now and then

Surprises are wonderful things, pleasant surprises of course. It helps to instil a refreshing feeling in the relationship and the jolt of excitement and happiness you get in that moment can lead to more excitement at the end of the day. So put down your things and spend some time planning a surprise for your partner on their birthdays etc.

Pay close attention to your partner

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? That’s provided you can get over the feeling of taking him or her for granted, placing them in your peripheral view instead of just in front of you, getting past the boredom you are feeling when you’re with them, putting away your phone and the internet.


If you can do that, that’s half the battle won. Observe them and see their passions, their happiness, their sadness, their most secret fantasies, things that made you choose him or her in the first place and you’ll find the relationship being reignited.

Love and effort

We’ve listed down 9 ways, but here’s the real secret to falling love again. If you love each other enough and willing to put in the efforts to make it work, then you’ll fall in love all over again. It’s just as simple as that.

No couples are the same as one another, and what works for us may not work for you. So love him or her and be willing to put in the effort to make your partner fall in love with you all over again. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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