10 Things From The 90s That You No Longer See

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Growing up in the 90’s was, in a way, pretty cool since you got to witness the change that took place in Singapore as it grew to the metropolis that it is today. However, there are some things from that period that we will definitely miss and will likely never see again.

Transit Link cards

Image: evonnz.com

Back when EZ-Link cards weren’t a thing. We had to slot these into the system and we would receive a paper ticket as proof of payment when we took the public transport. Like EZ-Link cards, they came in all sorts of different designs and colours.

Overhead Project (OHP)

Image: wikipedia.org

If you were the class monitor, you were likely the one who was held in-charge of setting up the OHP. Teachers would bring OHP markers to write on pieces of clear plastic and packets of tissue paper to wipe the marker ink off once they were done with it.

Pop Pop crackers

Image: kqed.org

Too bad these are now illegal to have in Singapore. They were loads of fun.

1-cent coin

Image: bidorbuy.co.za

The bronze 1-cent coin that nobody wanted because it was pretty much useless and invaluable. We are glad they got rid of it though.

Bookworm Club comics

Image: photobucket.com/albums/b84/zhane84

We would save part of our allowance and spend it on these comics. If we didn’t have enough, we would go to the library or to a friend’s house and spend hours there reading them.

Card games

Image: flickr.com (parenthetical.pilgrim)
Image: flickr.com (parenthetical.pilgrim)

Remember the classic card games like Old Maid, Donkey, and Snap? Although they aren’t technically gone from our lives, it is still very difficult to track them down. Better keep the ones you still have safe.


Image: forestfly.com

Before MP3s and iPods, we carried a few CDs around with us so we could change the music if we wanted to. If you only like that one song by this singer, too bad. You will have to listen to the entire album.

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Video tapes

Image: deviantart.net

Even before CDs, there were video tapes. Children used to be glued to the television when these video tapes were playing their favourite cartoons.

Floppy disks

Image: popsugar-assets.com

If you didn’t have one of them when you were doing a group project, you would have to head down to Popular bookstore to buy a whole set. They came in all sorts of colours and made us feel a little better about the damned project.

Phone cards

Image: remembersingapore.wordpress.com

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Cell phones were only owned by important people back then and the da ge da (hugeass portable phones) were too big to fit in your purse. People always bought phone cards to call each other using the public phones at void decks. Hogging one of such phones was a major no-no back then.