10 Things Mature Women Won’t Do in a Relationship


Last Updated on 2017-07-12 , 1:38 pm

Ladies, are you being mature in your relationship? Being mature doesn’t mean that you have to be serious all the time, and even if you act like a little woman, it doesn’t mean that you’re immature.

Being mature is the way you handle things, the way you think about the relationship and most importantly, the way you look look at expectations.

Now, here are ten things a mature woman wouldn’t do in a relationship, simply because they know better.

(Girlfriends, if you’ve done 6 of them, you’re awesome and your boyfriend should never, ever let you go.)

She won’t neglect other aspects of their lives
True, she might neglect her friends and BFF during the honeymoon phase of the relationship, but after the romance and excitement have died down, she’ll make an effort to reconnect with her friends and family. After all, she knows the importance of achieving a balance in all the relationships in her life, not just romance.

She never forgets to appreciate her partner
You’ll be surprised, but plenty of couples, both male and female, forget to appreciate their better half after some time into the relationship. No matter how much time has passed, she still remembers her partner’s strengths and what exactly made her fall in love with him. She never forgets to appreciate the amazing man that he is and never take him for granted. Ever.


She doesn’t give up the idea of being financially independent
She knows that even if she’s in a relationship with you, or anyone else for that matter, giving up her financial independence simply means giving up her independence totally. She doesn’t expect you to earn enough to make sure she lives comfortably. She’s more contented with the fact that both of you earn enough to build up your family.

She doesn’t do nitpicking
She understands that nitpicking will do nothing but drive you away. Instead of focusing on your flaws as many would  do after some time within the relationship, she focuses on your good points as well. It’s all about appreciating your strengths and acknowledging your flaws.

She doesn’t give up on her dreams
Hey, just because she’s your girlfriend doesn’t mean her dreams have to be put on a back burner for you. She can put off her plans for a couple of years, or she might compromise with you in order to strengthen the relationship but make no mistake, she’s still as ambitious as the day before she became your girlfriend. It’s not about what you want. It’s about what you two want.

She doesn’t use the words “I love you” often
These three words have a sacred meaning to her. If she uses it, she really means it. She won’t use the sentence just to calm you down or get out of trouble.


She lets you have your own space and make your own friends
She doesn’t have to meet you every day, nor does she have to beat off other girls with a stick in order to set her mind at ease. She’s secure in the relationship and confident enough to know that you won’t cheat on her. She’s also mature enough to know that if you choose to cheat, nothing she does will make you an honest man. Then, she’ll rather let you go than suffer more heartbreak.

She has her own life
Outside of the two of you, she has a fulfilling social life and friends of her own. She makes sure that her life doesn’t revolve around you, and made sure that your life doesn’t revolve around her either.

She doesn’t get back at you
You made her angry. Fine. But she’s not childish enough to do the same thing to spite you back and say, “You did it too!” She’s mature enough to know that love isn’t really about one-upping each other. It’s about being able to forgive but not forget.

It’s not about being right
If you’re wrong, she’ll say you’re wrong. If you’re right, she won’t hesitate to say that you’re right. This is what a mature woman does: the guts to basically admit that she’s wrong and apologise, or insist that you’re wrong regardless if it’ll spoil the day or not. And it’s not done because she wants to be right, it’s because admitting that you’re wrong today makes you a better person tomorrow.

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