10 things about men that drives women crazy


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

I last wrote the article on what drives men crazy.  I’ll be the first to admit that we do have some irritating behaviors, but there are tons of annoying guy that we can’t stand either!  Here are some of the different types of men that women can barely tolerate, let alone for a long-term relationship.

Just cannot understand why they can still ‘see’ and then make it ‘last seen’.  It’s so irritating and rude to have our messages ignored.   This is referred in WhatsApp, which is a commonly used communicating platform app now.  When it was first introduced, men argued that they didn’t receive the texts, no time to reply and many other ridiculous excuses, which in actual fact they just didn’t want to reply even when they were ‘online’.  Now they have become smarter, they completely switched off the privacy setting.

This no-brainer will show obvious signs like not picking up calls in front of you, telling you he’s out with boss for serious talks but when you call him all you hear from his phone background were women giggling and pub-like music.  I completely can accept that most men flirt or needs entertaining for work purposes, but at least cheat with some style.

This guy DOES NOT believe in compromising.  The best part that drives us crazy is: When you confront or want an explanation when he did something real wrong?  He’ll turn around and bark and eventually the whole confrontation becomes your fault.  He will also tell you to either take it or leave it.

He is stingy.  This is not to say love is expressed by money, but we wonder if we are worth anything to you at all?  There’s no wrong in sticking to a budget but it’s so annoyin g when you are so concern in saving that dollar.  Anyway men who are generous are such a turnon being able to portray their male characteristics of showing that they can look after their woman well.

Can’t stand that temper of yours getting mad over the slightest thing.  You complain and argue on opinions that you cannot see eye to eye because of your own pettiness and negative attitude.  You turn the good relationship lousy.  We can’t stand it when you choose to resolve an issue by breaking your own knuckles rather than using your brain to come up with a better solution.


The extreme guy who loves poses gym selfies everyday.  You can see the veins popping out from his body but can’t really see his head.  He works out to look good for himself but not necessary looking good and hardly can have a good meal with us because he’s too worry of being over-taking his carbos and protein.

We don’t mind you being vain in wanting to dress up and impress.  However it gets in our nerves if you don’t bother about your own hygiene, you are okay to be sloppy, you don’t mind if you have ‘Hong Kong foot’ or if your shirt is crumpled.  This is more like a self standard issue.  If a man can’t even be bothered to pay attention to his basic hygiene, how much effort can he possible devote to his partner or the relationship?

It means arrogance and acting cool like he thinks he’s the God’s gift to women.  Confidence is sexy whereas acting cool and playing hard to get is a massive turnoff.

This other woman from the last era just keeps popping up in your current life.  There’s this never-ending issues that can’t ever seem to get finish nor resolve.  It’s you who allow this stringed broken kite to be tied to your neck and you are most willing to give a helping whenever it gets stuck between the branches.  It’s so frustrating having to spend a relationship with you and at the same having to feel her existence within us.


You bla everything you have done intimately with a woman to all your guy friends to feed your bloody ego.  You truly have no respect for us and therefore your this category of men are the ones we detest and can’t stand MOST.

Worker’s Party just agree with PAP on something, but there’s another reason why they did that. Watch this to the end and you’ll understand:

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