10 things only girls who love to eat will understand

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Being girls, we are often caught in the dilemma of choosing between clothes or food, and we almost always end up choosing the latter, especially if you are one who lives to eat.

The struggle is real, and the battle is tough, so this article is dedicate to all the ladies out there who live by the saying: fries before guys.

You always have food in your bag
Regardless if its a tube of gummy or a pack of marshmallows, there is always something for you in your bag because you’ll never know when you might get hungry – or when you will become full.

Watching anything is impossible without food
No one will understand the satisfaction more than we do when we get the chance to munch on something and watch our favourite chick flicks at the same time. No one.

Your idea of a perfect date involves food
Cafe-hopping? Checking out a new restaurant in town? Count us in! We love to date a guy who loves to eat as much as we do and sets the judgement aside.

We bring our lipsticks around everywhere we go
Since we love to eat, we tend to leave our lipsticks mark on whichever food that our mouths come in contact with. We probably also finish up our tube of lipstick faster than anyone else.

You spend more money on food than clothes
Because nothing can make us happier than stuffing our faces. Fashion? What fashion?

We love Gordon Ramsay
When asked about our ideal guy, we don’t look for the hunk with the perfect physique or features but rather, the one who can get his game on in the kitchen. The key to our hearts is through our stomachs. Period.

Food Photos On Instagram
Our Instagram feeds are mostly 99% filled with photos food and 1% filled with everything else. Well, we can’t help it since most of our time are spent hunting down the best gastronomical finds.

Snapchats Of Food
We almost always have to restrict ourselves from snap-chatting so that everyone would know that we do something else except eat.

We Use PMS As An Excuse For Eating Too Much
We want to feel happy. And that’s the only thing that will lift our spirits during the time of the month.

Talking About The Next Meal When We Are Not Done With The Current One
Before we are even done with lunch, we are already discussing the next place to go for tea break because there are always room for desserts, or more food.

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