10 things people will say when they are unhappy with their job

No matter which job you work in, you will be bound to encounter some people who are really unhappy their jobs but can’t do anything about it, and instead choose to pour out their resentments during break time to their colleagues about how unhappy they are with their job, but never in front of their superiors. These are the ten things you can hear them say frequently. Or may be you are one of these people yourself. In that case, do check if you said such words.

1) “I want to quit already”
Probably the most common phrase you will hear them say during breaks. But despite saying that, they are not quitting and returning back to work and then at the next day, saying it to you all over again, forming a cycle.

2) Is it 5 or 6 pm yet?
This refers to their get-off work hours. Some people might be at 5pm while some might get off at 6 pm. But regardless of what time is this, you will always hear people saying this so that when the time comes, they get away from this job and retreat back to the safety and comfort of their own home.


3) Is it lunchtime yet? Want go for lunch now?
Similar to point 2, when people are unhappy with their jobs, they will do anything to get away from it and lunchtime is one of their favourite ways. They will constantly lament about whether it is lunch time yet and when the time comes, they will usually be the first to go out, and probably come back late (if their superior is not noticing).

4) I don’t want to do this!
But they still have to do it, no matter what happens. It’s just that because they are unhappry, they don’t feel like doing it and try to delay as much as possible.

5) I am so bored that I want to sleep already
When people are unhappy with their jobs, they normally don’t feel like doing it and when they eventually have to do it, they get so unmotivated after a little while that they just start yawning and complaining abiut how bored and how much they feel like sleeping to their colleague sitting next to them. I will be honest. I am constantly doing this in my previous job.

6) Fuck this, Fuck that, Fuck this whole job! Fuck all of these!
When people are unhappy with their job but know they still have to do it, naturally they will feel upset. And what better way to let off steam by cursing their own jobs. So, just fuck everything!


7) I hate this whole company!
Actually, they don’t really hate every single aspect of this company. They just don’t like what they are doing, that is all. So don’t misunderstand or feel upset when they tell you they hate the whole company. It is just unintentional.

8) I hate my job!
This is pretty obvious, isn’t it?. If you hate this job, of course you are unhappy with it and if you are unhappy with your job, you naturally hate it. It works both ways

9) I want to die already!
There are some people who are really so unhappy with their job that they rather die than continue doing it. Of course, they don’t mean it. It’s just a way to express their discontent. After that, they will still work anyways. After all, who wants to die so quickly when we still have things to do, place to visit, and dreams to fulfil?

10) Do OT? Wah Lau? Sian sia! Dun want do lah! KNN/CCB (or some other vulgarities)
When people are unhappy with their jobs, they always want to leave as soon as possible when the time comes for them to get off work. But on the occasion where these people have to do overtime work, they will become even more unhappy than usual. I mean they are already unhappy with their jobs and can’t wait to wash off all responsibilities and go home when the time comes but now they still have to extend their work hours and “slave” away?

If normal working people already find OT very annoying already, don’t these people who are unhappy with their jobs find it even worse? So yeah, it can be expected to hear vulgarities or words of discontent flying out of their mouths when they complain to you about how miserable they are during OT. Maybe you and I are one of them.

(What’s worse, some companies don’t even pay for OT)