10 Things That All Messy People Understand

1. You exist in a constant state of chaos.
Your nerves tingle whenever whatever living space you’re in appears far too neat. Having a clutter of mess with books strewn all over the place in the wrong way seems to be the most ideal way for you to live life. Seeing a neat, clutter-less room gives you nervousness.

2. Your idea of “cleaning” differs from that of your parents.
If you’re a messy person, your idea of cleaning consists of pretty much the back-to-basics of shoving all wearable items into your wardrobe (unfolded) and dumping everything else onto anything that’s not the floor. While people clean their room ‘for fun’, you can’t seem to do that. Cleaning to you is a task sent by the devil; a task which you will by no means undertake until you really, really have to.

3. It takes A LOT of effort for you to motivate yourself to do some PROPER tidying.
You end up stacking books for five minutes and end up opening five tabs on your computer instead. All in all, a very productive day.

4. Somehow, you lose everything…
…in which, you end up panicking because you can’t find your keys, your text books, your phone (jk, your phone’s far too important to be misplaced), your wallet…

5. …Only to magically have them re-discovered somewhere in the mess.
Oh, the gloriousness of it all! Does that mean you learn your lesson? Nope. Since messiness is an element of yours, you end up reverting to it. It’s incurable, but it’s not like you really care. As long as you can find your things in the end, does it really matter how uncool your living space looks? Where people see chaos, you see order – YOUR version of what order looks like, that is.

6. When you FINALLY do end up cleaning your room, it’s messy once again within 24 hours.
The thing is, it’s not like you mess up your place for fun. It’s not like you do it for a living.  It’s not like you actually KNOW that you’re messing up your room. Whatever mess you create is very, very subconscious. Half the time you have no idea what your hands are doing until you’ve created a large mess on your floor.

7. You have a place where all the miscellaneous items go to.
Be it the ‘drawer’, the particular ‘shelf’, that special ‘chair’, or a particular ‘table’…you have a special place where all the knick-knacks, frick-fracks and unmentionable items go. You have no idea how to sort these things out (magnets go on the fridge? Probably. What about the manual and those warranty cards? Uh…not the bookshelf, but those have to go somewhere…right?), so you just chuck them at some place and hope for the best. You’re hopelessly disorganized. For me, it’s the constant chair-to-bed dilemma. When using chair, shift stuff to bed. When using bed, shift stuff to chair.

8. Your closet may actually lead to Narnia.
It’s more like a vortex, actually, with all the clutter that’s in there…and one would be mad to dive through it. You would love to see that nice T-shirt that you wore two months ago, but somehow it’s mysteriously disappeared. Oh, well – it was nice getting to know you, shirt.

9. When you try tidying up, you end up being distracted by all the cool things you find.
Oh look – it’s the diary you had when you were nine. NINE.

10. You are 150% certain that messiness travels with you wherever you go.
It doesn’t matter how hard you try or where you go – messiness travels with you, no matter where in the world you’re at: hotels, your friend’s house, your partner’s place. It’s like you’re the personification of chaos or something.

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