9 things that your girlfriend really wants but never ask for it

Guys, do you ever wonder why your girlfriends like to say “It’s okay” but nothing ever is? That’s because they don’t want to ask for things they want, but they want you to take the initiative. Sometimes, things aren’t meant to be instructed, you know?

If you manage to do all of these things, your girlfriend will probably be so thankful for it. Just don’t accidentally reveal that you read all of it here.

She wants you to do the small things around the house.
It doesn’t even need to be personal details about her like her favourite colour (please). She loves it when you actually remember to refill the toilet paper or just throw your socks into the laundry basket rather than always leaving them around on the floor.

She wants your attention when you are doing something.
Sure, focused guys are charismatic and all, but sometimes, girls just like to feel that they are that small bit more important than what you are currently paying your attention to. Even if you are watching a football game with her by your side, she definitely appreciates it when you turn around to talk to her even when the game is ongoing, instead of giving a non-committal grunt.

She wants you to make plans.
It’s just annoying whenever you guys set aside a day to go out and the first hour of it is a game of “who can think of the best place to go”. Just make specific plans and bring her around instead of wasting time asking for her opinions when she clearly doesn’t have any.

She wants you to show her off.
Intimate actions might be too cheesy in front of your bros, but she really appreciates it when you don’t shy away from her in front of your friends. Holding her hand or teasing her in front of everybody else is just super sweet and makes her feel loved.

She wants the last french fry.
Even if she says “it’s okay, you can have it”, it’s always a sweet gesture if you insist on letting her have it. Food is always the best way to show your love.

She wants you to show your love at random moments.
When she just comes out of the bathroom with her hair in a towel, it’s a huge deal to her if you just hug her. We just mean the most random times, when she isn’t even expecting anything.

She wants you to compliment her.
Of course, your girlfriend doesn’t change her appearances just for you. But all the same, it means a lot to her if you notice that she has cut her hair and compliment her new hairstyle. Even if you are shopping together, she’d be over the moon if you just compliment her on her taste.

She wants you to be there for her when she is sick.
Secretly, every girl wants their boyfriend to take care of them for a whole day when they are sick. It might be a tall order for you to take that day of MC just to be at her bedside, but it’s probably all worth it when you see her light up with the brightest smile a sick person can muster.

She wants you to volunteer to take photos for her.
Where else do those #ootds on Instagram come from? She doesn’t like to keep asking you to take the photos so please, guys, volunteer when you know that she likes to post those #ootds. Better still if you can take the initiative to keep shooting until you take one that you know she looks great in.

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