10 things you can do during a short flight


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 2:59 pm

Going on an overseas trip always sounds fascinating but it does get boring in the plane after awhile. Here’s our 10 things you can do during a short flight when your excitement starts to die after half an hour on a plane.

Play games
Go on to the app store or play store to download a couple of games to play before you board your flight! There are lots of games which do not require internet connection to load, so you can kill your boredom now if you do not know this.

Watch your favorite show
There are so many shows yet so little time to catch them all. Your favorite Korean variety shows, the American TV series or Japanese anime you that you’re so fond of..they’re endless. Download them on your phones or Ipads and you’ll have no time to spare on your flight.

Listen to music
It’s been the longest time since the release of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ but you still have yet to listen to it because ‘Where got time?!’ Now you have the time to listen to these songs on the plane.

Plan your itinerary
You have your list of places to go or visit but everything still seems too messy. Take this time on your flight to plan out your itinerary, such as which places you will visit first, the timing to visit. This will keep your trip details organized and prevent you from wasting time planning it all out when you’ve reached your destination.

Watch the on board movies
Select and watch the movies if your flight caters! A couple of good movies never goes wrong and you’ve already reached your destination when your movie ended.


Shop on board with their catalogs
Time is always a constraint when it comes to the many things we didn’t do. You’re able to do some shopping if you like something from the catalogs. Most flights do provide duty free items for purchase.

Clearing or sorting your phone and camera memory
As lame as it sounds, this is a pretty good idea as you can free up more memory space for new photos captured during your trip. It’s time to delete some unwanted photos which you were too lazy to do so.

Sleeping is never enough, especially when there’s so many things you want to do even though you already know you should have at least eight hours of sleep every day. Sleeping on board instantly helps you to kill time and prepares you for your trip. What better way to recharge yourself before your trip!

Reading a book
If you like reading, you have probably noted a list of the latest books you will like to indulge in. A few hours’ worth of flight is definitely a good time to read that book you have yet completed. Or if you don’t read, you can consider picking up this inexpensive and healthy habit!


Talk to your neighbor
Engage in a conversation with your ‘neighbor’ sitting beside you. You can exchange ideas and tips for your trip and share with each other interesting things about the country you’re visiting. You’ll never know what you can gain by just talking to people. Besides, being friendly doesn’t hurt, right?

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