10 things you need to do to now invite 财神 to your house and HUAT ARH!


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With CNY around the corner, a lot of us are busy hunting the streets of Chinatown for beautiful and lucky decorations to decorate our house with. Here are 10 ideas for you to do or get to invite 财神 to your house and HUAT ARH!


spring cleaning
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We do this every CNY, or at least once or twice a year regardless if it is for wealth and fortune or not. Spring-cleaning is the chance you can get rid of the clutter you promised to but never did, and also invites the positive energy into your house.

‘Nourish’ your birth element

reflect light
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You can also invite more positive energy into your home by nourishing your family members’ and your birth element. Do some research on your birth element and how to enhance and benefit it. Another option is to reflect light on all 4 corners of your house.

Get rid of dead plants

bamboo plant
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It is essential to get rid of dead plants and replace with blossoming new plants to introduce a positive energy flow in the space. There is a Chinese saying “If the old doesn’t go, the new will not come.” You can also opt for new plants such as mandarin oranges or the lucky bamboo plant that you can place indoors.

Maneki-neko (Fortune cat)

fortune cat
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This is the waving-hand Japanese kitty that is believed to attract fortune and wealth to your house. It symbolizes good luck and is often placed on shelves or tables nearest to the entrance of your house.

Silver Arowana

Image: aqua-fish.net

The silver arowana is a long and beautiful freshwater bony fish. This fish is regarded as the representative of unlimited wealth. As they have colourful, metallic and reflective scales they are often called the dragon fish and are believed to bring riches to the owner.


Image: fengshuimall.com

You can consult fengshui masters for more ideas on what charms you can get to put at home for more positive energy or to attract wealth and luck. If you think that is too much of a hassle, you can always get charms like the monkey king – something you can never go wrong with in the year of the fire monkey!

Wind chime

Image: aliexpress.com
Image: aliexpress.com

Place wind chimes on your front door for positive energy. (If your neighbours don’t mind the sound every time the wind blows)

Pile up spices in your kitchen

Image: womenshealthmag.com/
Image: womenshealthmag.com/

A kitchen is the most important place in the house. Pile up on spices in your kitchen as it symbolizes gold. The more you have, the more your prosper. Of course, you can use this chance to stock up on your spices to last you for some time!

Crystal stones

Image: pinterest.com
Image: pinterest.com

Some like crystal stones not only for the fortune that it is believed to carry, but also for the beautiful artistic vibe displaying it in your house.

“福” 到

Image: ason-ludt.blogspot.com
Image: ason-ludt.blogspot.com

This is known as the arrival of fortune. You can always recycle your old decorations – the word “福” which people place them in the opposite direction so it literally means ‘fortune arrives.’

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