10 things you need to have before marriage, if not you’ll suffer

Ah marriage, beautiful phase of life but at the same time, pretty unpleasant if you’re not prepared well though. Are you ready to enter marriage? What about important things that you need before marriage? Have you prepped before deciding to commit to a lifelong union? Look through the list below and see if you have all of them checked, if not most. Tick off more than half and you can book your date at ROM already, then tick off the rest while waiting for the big day!

Life savings, money for the house, for the children. Without money, your marriage life will be much much harder – who is going to pay the bills and expenses? You’ll fight about a lot of stuff already, no need to add financial trouble into the mix. It’ll blow up like volcano.

Or a place to stay at least. With the in-laws? On your own? This needs to be discussed, but most importantly is that you and your spouse will not be living on the streets. Or BTO, but if you’re going for BTO, do you have enough #1?

How many kids? In how many years time? What are your plans as a couple and individual? A marriage without common plans and goals will not give you the satisfaction that marriage should.

Mutual agreement
When to have kids? When to have dinner at the in-laws? Who’s going to stay home to look after the kids? Whose parents are going to be the sole babysitters? Rules and boundaries have to be set because we all need our personal space and commitments to address.

Stable job and income
Stability is most important, because stability in your life will also mean stability in your married life. Without stability, your marriage will suffer because if your life is screwed up, your marriage is likely to be as well. So ownself check ownself first, kay?

Good relationship with your in-laws
How your in-laws see you will also affect your marriage. If your in-laws like you, good for you. If they don’t, your marriage will probably be hell. We’ve all heard of stories about mother in laws who try their best to break their children’s marriages because they don;t like their children’s spouses.

Maturity and Courage
Marriage is no small kiddy matter. It is a lifetime commitment, and you need to have the courage to keep to that commitment. Be mature and sensible enough to know what your marriage means to you.

A lot of patience
Living with someone new will require lots of tolerance and patience. It is no easy feat – especially with differing habits and opinions. Learn to be patient and accommodate each other’s needs and wants. Trust us, even if you meet each other every single day, staying together is a whole new ball game.

Know that married life won’t be perfect
Forget all those #relationship goals. You set your own goals, but don’t be disheartened if you don’t meet those goals or that your marriage doesn’t turn out the way you want it to. Setbacks will be plenty in a marriage but just keep going if you love and treasure each other.

Good communication
Speak to each other if there are problems or disappointments. Marriage is about two people – make it work together. Don’t stay passive aggressive all the time – talk to each other. Screaming and fighting all the time isn’t going to make your marriage work either. Establish good communication before marriage to make it a gentler path to walk on.


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