10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Portable Aircon


Last Updated on 2020-02-19 , 3:25 pm

Yes, we heard you. Singapore is sure hot, so why not consider buying something cool? Pun intended. Sorry. Here are some considerations for portable aircons before you go out and get one for yourself.

Portable – Duh

Portable aircons are….well, portable, but is portability an important factor? Note that portable aircons require electricity to run, and also collects water in a tank or tray which has to be cleared regularly to prevent the portable aircon from spoiling! If your home or office requires different areas to be cooled, a portable aircon would be ideal! If everywhere needs to be cooled, you might as well go for the built-in ones.


Unlike built-in aircon units, portable aircons do take up more space, even though they are portable. Before getting one, check up on the sizes of portable aircons. Normally, it measures up to the size of a big suitcase, and it comes with an exhaust hose. Mini portable aircons are more space-efficient, but they are not guaranteed to be as cooling as regular aircons.


Because of its portability, portable aircons are slightly more expensive than built-in aircons. It ranges from SGD700 to over SGD1,000. It also uses a lot of energy, and the price tag it comes with does not mean its absolute price! It adds on to your electricity bill!

Future Use

You’ll need to know how regularly you’ll be using a portable aircon. If you use it once in a month, you might be buying something which takes up space, and that is not wise! On the other hand, if you can’t live without aircons, portable aircons are ideal for you!

How it works

Portable aircon dispenses cool air by sucking in warm air from the exterior, and cooling it, then distributes cool, clean air in the room. One end of the exhaust hose connects to the unit and the other end is placed through a window or an opening to obtain a supply of air. There is also a tray or container (depending on design) that collects water.



Maintenance for portable aircon is relatively easier than built-in. Built-in aircons may require servicing, especially the bigger ones found in office spaces, and leakages that happen in built-in aircons drips overhead. A good, reliable portable aircon comes with a warranty, should anything happens to it.


The savvy energy consumer (or realistic electricity bill payer) should prioritise energy efficiency. For portable aircons, different standards and efficiency are attached to different brands and their operations. Check with the local promoter, or do some research before purchasing one!

Where to buy

The best portable aircons are no doubt expensive and come from reputable electrical appliance stores. However, the same portable aircon may have different prices in different stores! Remember to check out End-of-Year sales, or appliances conventions before making a decision.

Do you seriously need it?

Now, we know Singapore is really, extremely, seriously hot and humid, but is it truly TRULY necessary? Fans work fine, but if you constantly sweat all the time, a portable aircon suits you best! Think it through and weigh the pros and cons, and see if such aircons are just for you!



Aircons are quieter than fans, and some aircons tout the least noise. Portable aircons, or any aircons do generate noise as they suck in and dispense air. Because portable aircons may come with exhaust hose, which may not be securely fastened, it may make noises. The trick? Wedge something below your portable-aircon, and secure the exhaust hose!

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