10 things you probably didn’t know about wedding banquet in hotels

1. The more popular the date is, the more inexperienced service staffs there are.
You are not the only one getting married on this particular date. There might be a few weddings in one hotel itself. Hotels would then need to get more staffs from the agencies. Agency staffs might be new, or maybe some with experience but are unfamiliar with the service standards of that new hotel they are working in. However, if you are the only one getting married on that day, hotels will usually give their slots to the more experienced staff.

2. When you are nice to the service staffs, they try to give you more than what they are supposed and allowed to.
When you are mean to them, they might just be cursing and swearing at your back. However, if you are nice to them, they might be able to give you something secretly without the knowledge of their superiors.

3. Some or most of the wedding show perks are actually part of the normal package.
Perks like “1 bottle of wine per confirmed table”, “Waiver of corkage charges on alcohols brought in” are all normal perks that you can get any day from the hotel and not just from the wedding showcase.

4. Wedding showcases are usually far from reality.
Most of the super fancy things you see on the day of the wedding showcase require additional charges. They are just telling you that it is available. But it is not part of your package. Also, things are much newer, cleaner and nicer. They would put their best staff to go the best stuff. Maybe even overnight.

5. The hotel wines are usually matched with their food.
The F&B, Banquet and chef heads would sit together with the wine sommelier to come out with the wine that best matches the food and the budget. So. Do not worry about the wine. You can bring in your own wines. But use the hotel ones first. As you would not be able to bring back the hotel wines if they are unfinished.

6. The cutleries in the hotels are usually not very clean.
Some of the cutleries on your table might have dropped on the floor and placed back onto the tables. Drop your cutleries on the floor, the staffs might just go to the back of the house and wipe them with whatever they can find and return it to you.

7. Do not rush the staffs to refill your drinks.
The staffs have a Standard Operation Procedure to follow. They have a sequence to when they will change your drinks, when to serve your food and also when to clear your plates. They will refill your drinks eventually. Just be patient.

8. Have 2 tables of VIP instead of 1.
It doesn’t cost extra to have an additional VIP table. Why not for better service and most of the time, the servings for more expensive food like shark’s fin, abalone would be more or bigger.

9. Drinking something out of the norm would be better.
You might have realised that sometimes when you receive your drinks, they are already diluted or they are no longer gassy.

This is because the drinks have been poured long ago. Some add ice just before they serve, some just add the ice all together. Drinking something like coke light, soda water or ginger ale would be much better. They come from the cans straight when the staff orders. Bar staffs usually do not pour those drinks first.

10. Hotels do not allow takeaways. Bring your own takeaway boxes if you can’t finish the food.
It’s against the hotel’s policy to let you take away your food. They would require you to sign an indemnity form. Due to the fact that it is a banquet, banquet managers are usually afraid of the domino effect. If one has it, more will want it. So they would usually reject you. So. If you know you are going for a 10-course dinner and you know you won’t be able to finish the food, bring your takeaway boxes.

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