10 Things You Should Always Buy Second Hand in S’pore Unless You Rich AF

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There has never been a better time for Singaporeans to buy second-hand stuff. In the past, people would list their items on the likes of Gumtree and eBay. But now, with the uprise of Carousell, it has become incredibly easy and convenient to buy and sell stuff.

People have a negative impression of second-hand items. Why is that so? Sure, they are used, but that doesn’t mean they have been abused. Some items have been used yet are still in mint conditions, and these are the ones you should look for. Why pay full price when you can get a used one for a much lower price and at the same quality?

Here are 10 things you should purchase second-hand:



The minute you drive a car off the dealership lot, it immediately depreciates by about 15%. Give it a couple more years, and the value goes down by half.

So why not get a car that’s about 4 years old? Singaporean drivers tend to baby their vehicles so not only are you likely to find cars that are still in good conditions, you get to save tens of thousands on them too!


Like cars, new types of bicycles are released now and then, which means you’ll find older models going for sale. If your aim in getting one is purely for commuting-sake and not its name brand and fancy functions, it’ll be easy to find a decent one for about $100-150.

Even better, ride your bicycle to work and watch your savings grow!



University students in Singapore would know this best. Textbooks can cost upwards of $200 for some majors, and that could mean dropping up to a thousand dollars on books — per semester. By buying used textbooks, you can then use the money you save for other things you need such as Hall essentials and school supplies.

Household appliances

Before you put your card down for a purchase worth a thousand dollars at Harvey Norman and Courts, check out second-hand ones! You’ll find things like refrigerators and washing machines lurking around, and smaller kitchen appliances like blenders, mixers, and microwaves are easiest to score.


There is definitely stuff you should avoid for hygiene’s sake such as mattresses – you don’t want to be sleeping in other people’s mold, bacteria, and bodily fluids *yikes*. But  are other types of furniture that you should buy used. In general, pieces made of wood or metal will be your best bet. These will include desks, dressers, and dining chairs.

Even better, DIY it to save even more money! And no, I don’t mean the IKEA kind of DIY, though that would probably work too.



If you have consoles such as DVD players and PlayStations, you’d know how expensive those DVDs and games cost. A brand new PlayStation 4 game could easily cost $50. But why buy when you can get one off Carousell for less than $50? They still work the same, and these people are usually selling them cheap because they’ve completed the game. It’s a win-win situation for the both of you! If you insist on getting a new DVD for your game, purchase it from overseas instead. We talk about this here: Online Must Buys From The USA.

Sports Equipment

If you’re going to play Tennis for the first time, it won’t make sense to invest a pair of tennis rackets, especially since you wouldn’t know if the game is suited for you yet. Try getting a cheap (but quality) secondhand one first. Many people purchase equipment but never follow through their intentions of managing an exercise regime, thus letting said equipment collect dust. That’s why it’s often easy to find used sports accessories in excellent condition and at low prices – and you don’t have to feel so guilty if you don’t end up using it as much as you anticipated.

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People like to buy new tools for projects but never touch them again after completing those projects, thus unloading them at low prices. Let’s face it; a hammer is a hammer. A used $10 one won’t work any less different from a new $50 piece. As long as it serves its purpose, it’s a good hammer. Same goes for other tools/equipment, so look out for these before you purchase a brand new one in future. Especially when you know you’re not going to use it much.

Musical Instruments


Maybe your New Year resolution was to learn a new instrument, or perhaps you’d like to learn the guitar to pick girls up. Rather than spending a bomb on a nice branded one, look for a used one instead. You can easily find a $100 guitar, and while it won’t be fancy, it sure works the same to someone who isn’t familiar with the instrument. Wait till you get better at it before investing in a higher quality instrument. Who knows if you’ll give up on it after a month or two!

Tech Gadgets

Looking to purchase a tablet or camera? Look for used ones in good shape. For example, a brand new GoPro Hero 4 Silver is going for $549 at Courts, while a used one in pretty good condition goes for about $400 on Carousell. Is it worth paying an extra $150 just to have it new? After all, what matters is that it works. The value of your gadget will depreciate over time too, so it’ll be a waste to spend so much on it upfront.

Another option is to get refurbished goods. Refurbished items are used but restored to like-new condition by the original manufacturer and usually comes with a year warranty. Usually, they will be packaged just like how the brand new counterparts are, so you still get the first-hand experience of unwrapping the item. For example, a brand new iPad Pro is going for $1,188 while the refurbished goes for $1,008. Talk about huge savings!

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