10 things you should have done before you quit your job

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We at Goody Feed would like to provide you with adequate advice for the next time you finally had enough of your boss’s scoldings/your annoying desk mate’s chatter/that coworker who won’t stop taking your Pepsi in the office fridge, and decided to quit your current job. If you heed our advice, you’ll be safer—trust us, your friendly neighbourhood internet newsfeed!

Collect everything
Take your mug, your pillow, and your stationaries. If have made good friends within the company, do take their contact details as well. Do remember your personal files on the company computers, such as music or photos and transfer them to a device you own.

Plan ahead
It is very irresponsible to quit and leave, especially when you are in the middle of a project, or have had a role assigned to you. In the case where you really have to leave, please find someone who can take over your role and inform your subordinates or boss. Also start taking job interviews and searching up what you might want to do in the future. Leaving a job and possibly being unemployed for the next few months is a very scary prospect.

Inform all those who should know personally
More than often, your boss will take over announcing your departure to the clients and the rest of your colleagues, instead of having you do it. If you would like to maintain your sincerity all the way to the end, do inform everyone as soon as you are sure.

Update your portfolio
Surely you will need a shiny, nice CV when you go off for an interview for your new job. This will reassure the interviewers that you are serious on getting a job with them, and its always helpful for employment.

Be nice to your replacement
They will be the ones taking care of your previous responsibilities! Clean up or organise the electronic and hard copy files and clean up your email and computer files, and make sure client contacts are updated and intact.

Explain your reason/s for leaving.
Briefly. Saying that you found a job more in line with your career goals is more than enough.

Think about what you’ll do/say if you receive a counter offer
Be gracious if you decline it, but its best to be firm on your initial stance.

Keep in contact.
Again, responsibility comes into the spotlight. Leave your contact for your employer/your representative to get through to you, if they have any lingering questions or inquiries.

Clear all bad blood.
Apologise or talk through any misunderstandings you may have had with any colleagues, shake hands, say sorry, invite them out for coffee next time. It helps to throw that bad karma away.

Take the coffee sachets and chocolates in the pantry.
You’re probably never going to see them again. Use your discretion and swipe discreetly.