10 Tricks to Make Sure More Followers See Your Instagram Posts Because #Influencer


There is something about Instagram these days that seems to make it more popular than Facebook. Perhaps it is because influencers are increasingly making use of Instagram to create a following much more than other social media platforms.

But with “greater users come greater algorithm”: since last year, Instagram feed no longer shows you the latest posts by your friends. The posts are determined by an algorithm, pretty much similar to that of Facebook’s and Twitter’s algorithm, whereby the most engaging and popular posts appear on the top of your feed.

Now, how do you make sure that more followers can see your Instagram posts? What are some of the influencers doing to ensure that their Instagram-worthy images still remain in the cluttered feed (except for complaining online, of course)?

Here are some tricks for you!

Take high-quality photos

Image: YouTube (Sanjay Kumar Swami)

Let’s face it. Instagram is all about beautiful photos. Nobody wants to look at ugly, badly-taken photos on Instagram, or anywhere else for that matter. Therefore, make sure that your photos are well worth your follower’s time by making sure they are great shots.

Use a consistent filter scheme

If you are using filters for your photos on Instagram, make it consistent. Your followers will know the photos are yours even before they look at your account if you keep it consistent. Humans are creatures of habits, so keeping it consistent makes your photos and your account more “likable”.

Use popular hashtags

Image: christiankonline.com

Hashtags is another popular activity on Instagram. If you want more followers to see and like your photos, using popular hashtags will increase the number of people who will see your photos and possibly like them.


While this won’t help in tackling the algorithm, it’ll lead to more views from people who haven’t followed you. And that means more followers!

Post a video

Videos are all the rage nowadays so posting a video can potentially engage more followers and get more likes for your Instagram posts. However, do ensure that your video is showing engaging content – having animated words aren’t exactly interesting! One other thing to take note is to ensure that your video is not relying on audio for audience engagement – most people browse Instagram feeds in locations where listening to audio is frowned upon (like the MRT trains).

Use the Carousel feature

Image: mobileadvertisingwatch.com

Instagram used to limit the carousel feature for paid advertisements but they have since removed that restriction. It is an awesome way to share events that you participate in, or concerts that you went for. Use a carousel to feature several different pictures or to create a story out of an event – your followers will be more likely to see and like a post that is interesting.

Post quotes

This is nothing new – many people make use of this to engage their followers because it is simple. You can Google for a quote that is consistent with what you normally share on Instagram and post it (remember to give credits though). It saves you time and brain juice; yet perform as well as a picture in getting likes.

And remember how important engagement is?

Post consistently

Similar to point number 2, posting consistently on your Instagram account shows your commitment to engage your followers. It also helps in getting more followers and more likes for every new post you make. Nonetheless, please do not spam your followers with low-quality posts or photos. Make sure that every post you make is interesting and you will be mind-blown at the increased number of followers you can get. Very often, less is more.

Post at high-traffic hours

There are always these few hours in the day where traffic is high on Instagram. For example, during peak hour rush and lunch hours. When you post during high-traffic hours, it increases the chance that more of your followers and potential followers will see the post and like it.

The whole idea is to have high engagement fast, so Instagram will know that you have an awesome post to bump it to the top.

Ask a question in your post

Image: somtoo.com

Asking questions is another age-old tactic in getting more likes and making your posts appeal to your followers. Of course, your question must be related to the photo that you post. When your followers see a photo with a question, they are more likely to comment as a way to answer your question. More likes will follow and guess what? You’ve just got an engagement content.

Capitalise on trending topics

The last effective way we’ll share to help you get more followers to see your posts is to capitalise on trending topics on the Internet. There is always some trend; you just need to google it. Make your post funny and relatable to such trends and you will soon see your followers viewing and liking your photo posts more often than before!

And I guess I won’t need to use the word “engagement” anymore, right?

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