10 types of couple quarrels that could break a relationship completely

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Every couple quarrels. They have every and any kind of disagreements, ranging from small to big issues. However, there are certain types of issues which couples always find themselves quarreling about which can eventually break a relationship. Look out for these 10 issues below and keep in mind to have a proper discussion with your partner if you are facing these problems.

Financial debts and money problems are one of the most ‘quarreled’ topics. Everyone has different spending habits and couples often don’t see eye to eye with each other when it comes to spending and saving.

This is also one of the common problems that couples have endless debates about. It can be as small as a ‘like’ on Instagram, or as big as drinking out with your opposite-gender friends every day. This might bother your partner a lot.

This can be a topic for your partner to argue about if you have been unfaithful before. Your partner loses trust or feel insecure when you do something which bothers him/her, and he or she will talk about how unfaithful you were no matter how much you proved that you have turned over a new leaf.

Kids, if you have any. You don’t agree with your partner if you should send your child to tuition classes or you don’t feel a need to give a hefty sum of allowance for your child when your partner wishes to.

Your partner may or may not like some of your family members. Perhaps your partner has that arrogant mother who doesn’t think you deserve to be with her daughter.

It is essential to spend quality time with your friends even when you’re in a relationship. But most often people all have a different definition of time and priorities and may not be very understanding to their partner.

Careers place an important part in our life. Without career goals, we are aimless and unsatisfied at work. Not to mention working is also for money. Sometimes work gets in the way of even the best of relationships. And if one of you isn’t working at all, this also could be one hot topic of a quarrel.

Similar to work which can take up a lot of one’s time, spending time doing what you love can also cause a problem if it occupies too much of your time. That leaves little time for your partner if you both have different hobbies.

Arguments kick in when you feel that your partner doesn’t concern himself with helping around the chores. You both are tired from work and nobody wishes to spend the extra time and effort dealing with more responsibilities.

Social Media
Yes, social media – those apps which everyone do not seem to get tired of scrolling from. You may find that your partner is spending more time on social media than with you, or you may not like the idea of your partner posting something about you. Social media can be entertaining and fun, but key is moderation.