10 types of “fashionistas” we often see in poly or uni in S’pore


Last Updated on 2017-08-06 , 11:39 am

We have seen all kinds of dressing styles by our “fashionistas” in Poly or Uni and sometimes, it’s simply too amazing and makes you go WOW while at other times, it just gives you a good laugh and instantly made your day.

Here are the common 10 types of “fashionistas” we often see in poly or uni.

Short shorts
Because they’re called shorts, some girls took it too seriously that they decide to wear it so short it reveals their butt cheeks.

The one shoe that can never go out of trend. Everyone wears them, every day. There’s not a single day you don’t see a pair of slippers walking on the school grounds.

Oversized Ts
Oversized Ts or some prefer to call T-shirt dress. Sometimes you feel worried for them, like do they wear shorts along with it? You’re not sure because you can’t see.

Your drop dead gorgeous Adidas, Nikes and New Balances. Are we allowed to wear Puma or Mizuno? I think not.


The branded bags
We really get it, you’re rich. But does the books or laptop really fit in that Chanel bag?

The Kpop Style
Beanie, jeans, Korean Ts with your Idols’ names and finished up with checkered shirts. Sometimes you just feel like asking them for an autograph, you know, just in case.

The Street Style
The street style is getting increasingly popular nowadays in school, with lots of people wearing the hip brands like Antisocial, HBA or Stussy. Maybe we’ll see them on MTV soon. Or perhaps in Drake’s next music video.

With schools and lecture halls blasting air-con, many have started wearing their jackets and outerwears. While some prefer to wear more casual jackets and hoodies, there are those who has a fancy collection of outerwears. Floral prints, biker jackets, thick parkas etc. Will trenchcoats eventually become a thing in Singapore? Who knows.


Smart casual
Smart casual is another common style for the guys in school. They’d wear the collared blouses paired with jeans like Nudies and boots. They look incredibly smart on every occasion, even in clubs, at town or in school.

The Clubbers
Some of our Poly/Uni friends are enthusiastic clubbers and they even show you by wearing their party outfits to school. We have revealing tight fit dresses or shimmering cocktail dresses. Don’t forget the killer heels.

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