10 Types Of Girls That Singapore Guys Fall In Love With

Women are under the impression that Singaporean guys are all the same, which is admiringly kind of true. It also explains why local men often find themselves caught up in love triangles – we all like the same type of girls.

Guys only have 2 types of problems in life; money and women. So, let’s talk about one of those things. We rounded up 10 types of girls that we local guys fall in love with.

1. The Primary School Crush

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, all the way back to the good ol’ days when Orh Hor and “I don’t friend you liao”made up 80% of our vocabulary.

If you think what we used to say was silly, wait till you recall the things you did to ‘woo’ your biggest crush. Things like raising your hand whenever she did, and playing rough with her just to get her attention. Unfortunately, not all of us were born casanovas.

2. The First

For most of us, our primary school crushes were just epic fails. This is where ‘The First’ steps in. She’s the very first, actual, semi-serious girlfriend that you’ve had, most probably during secondary school. It was the birth child of raging hormones and infatuation.

For a relatively small few of us who were lucky enough, our firsts flourished into something sweet. But for the unfortunate rest of us, the memories are bittersweet at best. The relationship most likely turned out to be the reason why we flunked our ‘O’ levels.

3. The Atas Girl

She hangs out at Orchard all day and only wears top-shelf clothing and accessories. She refuses to eat anywhere that even remotely resembles a kopitiam. So she ends up sucking more than she should… moneywise, I mean.

Needless to say, sustaining her luxurious lifestyle proved to be a task far beyond your means, so things ended right about when your pockets turned empty.

4. The Model

She’s the girl who was way out of your league. It was a miracle that you actually managed to get this far with her, but being with her was certainly one of the most painful experiences. Feeling secure was non-existent, given the amount of attention she receives on a daily basis.

A vast majority of your arguments revolved around her male model friends, inappropriate Instagram comments, and her hectic lifestyle. Pretty much every other guy she hung out with was either 10 times better looking than you or 10 times fitter than you.

5. The Ah Lian

Surprisingly enough, a good number of Singapore males have a thing for our local ah lians. Their feistiness can be quite a turn on some times. If you’ve ever been with one, you’d probably find yourself: – Playing way too much pool – Spending way too much time at thai discos – Smoking way too much – Sitting way too much at void decks.

As fun and exciting the relationship was, the daily routine eventually became rather monotonous and predictable. Unless you knocked her up, then siao liao.

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6. The Churchie

There’s just something alluring about the purity and innocence of a church-going girl. It’s difficult to explain, but there was definitely a part of you that thought her influence would make you a better person. Chances are, your influence probably made her worse.

Accompanying her to church and cell groups was quite enjoyable, but things probably turned sour when she refused to put out. That’s when you refused to put up.

7. The Siao Zha Bor

She’s obsessive, possessive, and ridiculously insecure. You could never have any peace eating KFC, because you had to wash your hands every minute to reply her just so she won’t think that you’re cheating on her with someone else. She needs to be the centre of your attention 24/7 and has the tendency of faking sicknesses just to get you to show some concern.

In some extreme cases, she might even fake a pregnancy. Things probably ended when you found out that she was the one cheating on you the entire time.

8. The Plain Jane

After an exorbitant amount of failed relationships, perhaps its time to go back to the basics, i.e. The Plain Jane. She’s the girl who has no opinions about anything, which makes her easy to get along with. She spends her money on Starbucks and her time on selfies. Whenever you ask her a question, her standard answer is either ‘ok lor’ or ‘anything lor’.

She spends half her day online shopping, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not the most exciting thing either. The relationship is kind of like a straight line most of the time, which gets kind of boring after a while.

9. The Cheater

Being with Plain Jane wasn’t your smartest choice, but you’ve probably made an even dumber one by being with The Cheater. You most likely started dating her when she already had a boyfriend, but god knows why you thought you were special.

Turns out, you weren’t. That’s why things ended when you found out that she cheated on you multiple times. But in her defence, what were you honestly expecting?

10. The Last

She’s the one who holds your heart; the one that breathes life into love. She could be an atas model with a beard, and that’s okay. Because to you, she’ll always be perfect.

“The Last” is the girl that you end up with in the end. She’s the one who makes you forget about the rest. She’s the one who you manage to spot in a crowded room, and the one that sticks with you through thick and thin.

So if you’ve been lucky enough to have found “The Last”, please do the rest of your fallen Singaporean brothers a favour, and remind her how beautiful she is… With a Be Yew Tee Ful Tee.

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