10 types of students you’ll encounter during PE lessons in secondary school

Ah secondary school days. That was ages and eons ago for most of us (well, actually about three years ago for me) but the most memorable thing were the PE days. We all see different people on the court, field and everywhere else that PE lessons were conducted. Do you remember these types of students?

The overenthusiastic guy
Aka the one who always runs first, is always doing push ups and pull ups and finishing first. The one who volunteers to demo. Everything also can. This guy never gets tired ever.

The trying to be enthusiastic guy
Aka the guy who follows in the footsteps of the overenthusiastic guy. They’re most likely friends, but also usually rivals. Their competition is nothing new.

The stay-in-the-middle group
Aka the people who fit in. People who don’t want to stand out and end up getting chosen to do a demo or anything. They usually have a group of friends who stay around them – as though the teacher will not notice them hiding.

The “skipper”
Not those who skip ropes. They’re the ones who try to skip PE lessons at all cost. Forgot PE attire, not feeling well, broken arm or leg – you name it, they have all the reasons. Most of the times they do get away.

The complain king/queen
“Hah why basketball? Why cannot badminton? Very hot leh…” This person’s complaints really buay tahan. They are always opposing what the class wants to play.

The class monitor
Aka the studious nerdy one. The one who will rush the entire class to go for PE. Good thing is, the class monitor tells  teacher when to stop if it as already PE lesson. Downside? Your PE class will also end on time because “Come on guys, it’s the next class!!! Later teacher scold!!”

The all-rounder
If you thought he was only a straight A student, you thought wrong. He’s also good in almost any sports. Soccer? No problem. Badminton? Sure! Basketball? My favourite! You’re always envious of this person, you’d kill to have his talents.

The sporty girl
She knows how to ball, kick balls, throw shuttlecocks. What makes her different from the all-rounder is that she isn’t a straight A student.

The screeching girls
The ones who run at the sight of a ball or shuttlecock or whatever. They scream all the time – your game won’t even start what more end. Absolutely annoying.

The hidden talent
The petite girl/guy who can actually lift weights more than you, run faster than you. In fact, they actually take part in sports runs and win most of the time.

My class had all these people. I’m sure yours did too.

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