10 unbelievable reasons why people all over the world go crazy over kpop

KOREAN POP TIME. Why is everyone crazy over Korean pop? Well, let me, the obsessed share with you.

The music
Even non-KPop fans have to admit to that KPop melodies are really really catchy, if not, well-produced and easy to remember. Come on, even my parents can hum Gangnam Style, that I have to say became so popular it started to be annoying whenever I hear it after all the craze. Not to mention, most of the lyrics have actual meanings and even hidden meanings that make you go over the song again and again.

The dancing
KPop idols can even dance to ballads. But really, every hit song has its unique moves that have a blend of simple and high-level dance moves which everyone tries to mimic. The simple moves attracts every fan to follow along to the music while the difficult ones impress us, nonetheless.

The Music Videos
Just totally well-produced. The high quality of the directing, the well-written story lines and the neat dancing. Pretty much nothing to complain about.

The idols
Hmmm, well…Let me just say that humans are essentially quite visual animals. It’s always that first impression of how gorgeous they look which attracts the fans.

The fashion
Just look at how everyone mimics the makeup and buys all the Korean-style clothings these days.

The talents
Whether you like the idols or not, you have to know that most of them go through tough training periods that can go on for years and some trainees might not even have made it in the end. Singing, rapping, dancing and acting are just the basics for anyone who wants to give it a go in the industry.

The effort
Imagine the amount of hard work put in to be so good in their dance steps. The amount of time used to film for the MVs. The amount of sweat to get those hot bods.

The super-loyal-until-cannot fans
Once you’re in, there’s no out.

The cultural influence
One very important things about its spread is also due to the playing of Korean music everywhere these days. The variety shows and dramas shown on TV also gains another group of followers. News of Korean celebs are all over the place as well.

The commercialism
Take a look around you. Korean food. Korean make up. Korean brands. That’s all you need to know.