10 unexpected facts about Gary Kang that immediately convert you into his fan

All running man fans out there are probably already fans of Gary Kang who is part half of the Monday Couple. His constant show of affection for the actress has always garnered the attention of many and made many girls go “Awwwww”. Here’re some facts you may not have known about him.

He was an amateur boxer
For 10 whole years. And he’s basically a master of the 8th rank in his martial arts skills.

He once won a dance competition
And you start to wonder what else he can’t do…He defeated Jang Woo Hyuk and Moon Hee Jun, who were both part of a popular Korean idol group HOT, in that competition.

So he was scouted by SM entertainment
Most Korean fans will know that it is one of the big 3 agencies which many artistes want to get into. However, Gary rejected the offer and he went on to sign on with other labels.

Of course, he raps super well too
Many may be overwhelmed by his image of Monday Couple or Mr Random Capable on Running Man that they forget he’s actually a rapper. He started off as a group, then a duo (the famous Leessang) and also released solo albums in recent years.

And yes, he can act well too
Just check up that cameo of him in Song Ji Hyo’s Emergency Couple. A well shot scene with little NGs.

He’s super to sweet to Song Ji Hyo
If you’re a hardcore Running Man fan, it’s hard to not notice his sweet little actions towards Ji Hyo. He’s ever so considerate to her and always protects hers. Even when Ji Hyo ‘betrays’ him or tears of  his name tag sometimes, he still doesn’t blame her. In fact, he’s always in a shock and daze when such things happen. Nevertheless, he continues being Ji Hyo’s guardian angel week after week. As he said, Monday is always reserved for her.

And he’s really nice to his fans too
Considering fanservice, he does a top-notch job at that. Remember that time he played the Pepero game with a local fan and pecked her on the lips. Just last year, he sang a birthday song for another female fan and hugged her. No wonder his fans are so loyal.

Plus, he’s totally good at giving surprises
Remember his surprise kiss to Song Ji Hyo? And the surprise visits to schools on his latest variety show?

He writes really good love letters
This may seem a little trivial but he mentioned that when he helped his friends write love letters for girls, the girls end up having a little crush on him after finding out. Haha, isn’t he cute?

He wants to be a hopeless romantic
He describes that as a dream-like thing because he knows that he can’t enjoy the freedom of that with his fame. He can’t just go around doing what he likes or simply go along to what his heart wishes without considering the implications. Still, you can imagine that side of him just by looking at his actions onscreen.

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