10 unofficial things you must definitely bring during your reservist

So, you’ve received your first SAF100 and according to the slip, it says that you should bring your full-battle order. Well, they didn’t mention anything else that you should bring, right? So here’s a list of unofficial things you should bring, if not your holiday camp will be so damn boring.

If you’re spending more time waiting than training, the only respite you have is your smartphone. And when you’re in an area filled with just sausages, you really need to see some papayas to keep you sane.

Power banks and wire
Your smartphone can’t last for more than half a day because you’ll have browsed through thousands of Facebook newsfeed updates and Instagram images within an hour. So make sure your power bank is fully changed before you go for any outfield training.

Electrical fans
Just ensure that it’s battery operated. You’ll need them because out in the field, that’s the closest thing to air-con.

When you’re defending an area, what else can you do other than looking out for enemies? Watch sixty-nine YouTube videos, of course. I watched the whole series of Wah!Banana in one all-round defence.

Whatever you’re doing, ICT is the best time to network. You’ll spend a considerable amount of time doing nothing, so why not spend this time on networking? Some people usually get a few new clients after every ICT.

Lots, and lots, and lots of can food
Combat rations are for NSFs, man. Can food, BBQ food and Maggi Mees are for the old NSmen!

Anti-mosquito thingy
Whether you prefer a spray, a patch or even one that you hang on your clothes, you need something to repel mosquitoes. Just don’t get the mosquito coil—it’s now 2015, not 1995.

Lots, and lots, of cigarettes if you’re a smoker
Because it’s so boring, you might just even eat the cigarette butts.

Lots, and lots, of coins
Because one can of Coke isn’t going to be enough. You need ten cans per day, as walking to the vending machine kills at least one minute off your ICT.

Home clothes
Because you won’t want to go for a nights-out in your No. 4, trust me. Being “contacted” by Stompers is even worse than being contacted by a platoon of enemies.

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