10 ways S’pore girlfriends hint to their boyfriend that they’re ready for marriage

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Thinking of proposing to your girlfriend this Valentine’s? If what’s stopping you is the possibility of being rejected and embarrassed, then how do you know she’s ready for you to pop the question? Look out for these clever hints that your lady may oh-so-subtly include in your conversations.

Planning for the Future
Do you hear your girlfriend asking you these questions: “Dear, do you see your future without me in it?” or “What would you do without me in the future?” or “Have you thought about our future?”. If you have, it’s a sign that she is ready for your proposal. She anticipates a future with you and probably has already planned for your future together. How many kids, in how many years time etc etc.

Talking about other people’s marriage
Your girlfriend will most likely talk about her friend’s proposal or a relative’s honeymoon. Hear her saying “My cousin went to Paris for her honeymoon. That’s so boring. I want to have mine at the Maldives” or “I want my future husband to propose to me at the beach” and so on so forth. That’s another sign!

Talking about children
Is she planning how many kids to have? What to name them? Has she asked you what you want to name your children and making sure you both settle on a name you like for your future kids? This means she’s more than ready to have your kids, what more have you propose to her?

Talking about living together
“Dear, let’s go to that condo show room together” or “We need to save up for our 5-room flat”. That’s a major hint because that’s Singaporeans’ idea of getting married. Don’t doubt proposing to her at this point!

Talking about wedding dresses
Does she gawk at wedding dresses in shops and tells you her dream wedding dress? If she suggests going in to try a dress or two “for fun”, you may want to get a ring ready a propose to her when you feel confident.

Asking her parents to talk to you
Wondering why your girlfriend’s parents want to meet up and talk to you only to have them ask you when you are going to marry their precious daughter? It may not be the parents who want you to marry their child but your girlfriend herself may have asked them to speak to you on her behalf. Best thing is you’ll know you have the support of your future parents-in-law!

A romantic getaway
Did she suggest going on a trip to the romantic cities? A place where many couples are known to propose and get engaged? Look out for this one if you are planning to propose; she’s giving you a hint that this is the perfect destination for you to propose!

Talking about rings
Other than wedding dresses, gawking at wedding rings are the next thing they do! She’ll talk about which ring she wants, how many carats she wants for her diamond ring or better still, don’t need a diamond ring! It’s another major hint so don’t miss out on this one!

Indirectly calling you out
“Dear ah, my mum says I’m getting older each day. She says I may be left on the shelf if I don’t get married soon. I don’t want that to happen!” and then proceeds to sob silently for you to comfort her and tell her that you will not let her be left on the shelf. That’s your cue to propose!

Directly calling you out
The most impossible thing to miss. “Dear when you want to propose to me ah?”. If you don’t get the hint, you’re in trouble.

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