10 white lies all boyfriends tell their girlfriends


Men lie; women lie; everybody lies. When it comes to a relationship, no couple can ever say they have never lied to each other before because that it never going to happen. You see, lying is part of human nature and we tell lies every day, not to mention in relationships.

I am not saying that lying is bad in a relationship. Lying is perfectly normal, in fact, it keeps the relationship going but you got to keep things in moderation and of course, know which are the stuff you cannot lie about.

Most of the time, our lies revolve around two categories: Trivial lies and White Lies. For those who do not know, white lies are lies to basically make the other party happy and prevent them from flying into a rage.

More commonly used by boyfriends to you know placate their girlfriends, this article displays a list of the most common white lies we boyfriends tell to our girlfriends so as to prevent WWIII.

1) My phone is silent/somewhere else
Used by boyfriends when they don’t feel like answering their girlfriend’s calls. I mean you just can’t go up to your GF and say: “I don’t feel like answering your call” unless you feel like getting abused.

2) Your food is awesome
Your GF spends hours in the kitchen slaving away over the stove to come up with food only for you to say it sucks. You can see a variety of knives come flying towards you. So, because we boyfriends care about your feelings and our lives, we tell you your food taste great even if it tastes like hogwash.

3) I don’t watch adult videos
The bullshit is strong with this one….

4) You are not fat
Used by boyfriends to save their skin whenever their GF pops the “Am I fat?” question. But if you really go say, you are fat, then may god bless you.


5) I will never lie to you
Refer to the title of this article.

6) You look great in anything
At least we boyfriends try to be nice to your feelings. Well, we can’t say that you like a horse or hippo in that gown, right?

7) I’m stuck in traffic so I will be slightly late home
Well, we don’t want you to know that we are out clubbing or playing games, so we decided to come up with this wonderful white lie to appease you.

8) Everything is fine.
Most of the time, we boyfriends use this when we have troubles but don’t want to tell you. But this is not because we feel you are a burden, it’s just we want our GFs to be happy and not troubled. I mean, we are men. We can take it. We do not want you to worry.

9) You are the most beautiful girl in my eyes
Trust me, this always helps you to escape death when she catches you staring at other girls.

10) Can can, never mind
For instance, we don’t feel like window shopping but to make you happy, we normally go “Can, can. Never mind. Can” when you ask us about it.



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