10 Workshops or Activities To Join Now & Lose Weight By CNY 2019

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Chinese New Year is closer than we think and it is time for us to go shopping for the perfect outfit for our Chinese New Year visitations. Alas, we may have all gained a tad bit too much weight from all that Christmas feasting, which definitely will make squeezing into a qipao a bit harder.

However, fret not as we have put together a list of fun-filled classes here that you can consider joining to help blast away your fats for another season of feasting!

Here are the top 10 fitness classes for weightloss to shed that extra weight before Chinese New Year:

1) Aquaspin’s Water Cycling Classes

how to lose weight by cny: aquaspin
Image Source: Melinda Gale

Schedule: Classes from 8.30 am – 8 pm
Locations: Polo Club, Oakwood OUE, Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway, Swissotel Merchant Court
Price: From $60 for first-timers

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If you’re looking for a place to beat the heat yet get in a killer workout, then Aquaspin is the place to be. What makes this place so special is that they offer spin classes in a swimming pool. That’s certainly something new to us! The classes here make use of water resistance which has many perks such as better recovery from injuries and zero impact on your joints and bones.

2) CruCycle’s Spin Classes

lose weight by chinese new year 2019: crucycle
Image Source: Straatosphere

Schedule: Classes from 7 am – 7.50 pm
Location: CruCycle, 68 Duxton Road
Price: From $50 for two classes for first-timers

For those of you who still prefer your conventional spin class that doesn’t involve water, you can always check out CruCycle. Here, they have 50-minute full body workouts that will leave you feeling exhausted yet satisfied after each session. We recommend their signature class, “The Pack Ride” which includes light weights and core exercises.

3) DanceVault Studio’s Bungee Workouts

how to lose 5kg by chinese new year 2019: dancevault
Image Source: Shape Singapore

Schedule: Classes from 9 am to 9.30 pm
Location: DanceVault East Coast, DanceVault Raffles
Price: From $20 for adults, $15 for children

DanceVault Studio is the place for a workout that will literally take you to new heights. Their Bungee Workout classes involve you strapping yourself into a harness and getting hooked up to a bungee cord that’s suspended from the ceiling. Here, you’ll get to dance and do aerobic moves to upbeat songs which definitely adds an element of fun to the workout. We like how the bungee cord supports some of our weight, which helps us feel lighter, allowing us to do hops, dives and other cool tricks.

4) Evolve MMA’s Muay Thai Classes

how to lose 5kg by chinese new year 2019: evolve mma
Image Source: Shout.sg

Schedule: Classes from 6.45 am – 11 pm
Locations: Evolve Far East Square, Evolve Orchard Central, Evolve PoMo Mall, Evolve MMA Kinex,
Price: One free 30-minute class for first-timers

If you would prefer something that involves a bit more kicking, then Muay Thai is the answer to all your problems. Evolve MMA’s Muay Thai Classes are taught by instructors who boast years of fight experience and are some of the most skilled practitioners in their field so you know you’re in good hands. They also offer free trial classes to let you see if Muay Thai is your kind of thing before you jump into it.

Do you have someone in your office who doesn’t dare to make a call? If so, this video is for you:

Here are more workshops and classes that provide free trails!

5) F45’s Functional Training Classes

how to lose weight by chinese new year 2019: f45 hiit classes
Image Source: HoneyCombers

Schedule: Classes from 6 am – 7.30 pm
Location: 15 studios islandwide
Price: Two-week trails for $49

F45 is an Australian gym that focuses on functional training movements such as lifting, pulling, squatting and pushing which will help you sculpt your body and give you that toned, leaner look that will look great in a qipao. All the exercise plans are also different each and every time, so you’ll never get bored of it. Each class lasts 45-minutes, which sounds long for a class with so many high-intensity workouts. However, we promise you that time here will pass by so fast that you’d wish the class was longer!

6) Pure Yoga’s Detox Flow Yoga Classes

lose 5kg before chinese new year 2019: pure yoga
Image Source: Shape Singapore

Schedule: Check class schedules here
Locations: Chevron House, Ngee Ann City Tower A, Asia Square Tower 2, Marina View
Price: One free class for first-timers

If you love yoga and you’re looking for a class that will help you detox and get rid of all those nasty things in your body, you should definitely try out Pure Yoga’s Detox Flow Yoga Classes. These hour-long classes involve lots of twisting, bending and compressing postures that help to stimulate the digestive organs and aids in detoxification and reduction of fluid retention. The classes are also held in rooms that are heated at 35 to 38 degrees which helps to warm up your muscles and elevates the heart rate which makes you sweat, minus the giddiness.

7) The Brass Barre’s Pole Dancing Classes

lose weight by chinese new year 2019: pole dancing
Image Source: The Brass Barre

Schedule: 1.5h classes from 12 – 7 pm
Location: Orchard Gateway
Price: $15 for a trial class

Popular to contrary belief, pole dancing isn’t for hookers and performed only at sleazy bars. Pole dancing is actually a pretty fun way to get stronger as well as shed off some extra weight and such classes are slowly overcoming the stigma and gaining popularity. At The Brass Barre, they offer various pole dancing styles for different levels of flexibility and strength that will help you work your way to a sexier body.

8) Trium Fitness’s HIIT Yoga

lose weight by cny 2019: trium fitness
Image Source: Soda Stream

Schedule: Classes from 7.30 am – 8.15 pm
Location: Aperia Mall, 12 Kallang Ave, #03-01
Price: From $35 for a single session

We’ve heard of HIIT and we’ve heard of yoga, but have we heard of HIIT yoga? Apparently, such a thing exists and you can attend such classes at Trium Fitness. In these express 30-minute classes, you’ll get to do yoga-like exercises in a HIIT format where you repeatedly push yourselves for a certain period of time and then follow it up with a brief resting period. These low-impact yet intense workouts will have little or no pressure on your joints yet help you strengthen up as well as shed some pounds.

9) True Fitness’s K Kardio Dance Classes

how to lose 2kg by chinese new year 2019: kpop dance
Image Source: True Fitness

Schedule: Classes from 6.30 am – 8 pm
Location: 10 gyms islandwide
Price: One free class for first-timers

For the K-pop lovers out there, why not use your love for K-pop music to dance off all that extra weight? True Fitness offers K Kardio Dance Classes that feature K-pop songs as well as MTV-inspired moves. For those of you who are not confident of your dance moves, fret not as each session has an instructor who will demonstrate everything step by step.

10) WeBarre’s HIIT classes

how to lose 5kg by chinese new year 2019: we barre hiit class
Image Source: Sassy Mama

Schedule: Classes from 7.15 am – 8.15 pm
Location: Tanjong Pagar, Telok Ayer, Clarke Quay, Dhoby Ghaut
Price: 7-day trial for $49

At We Barre, they’ll make any workout look elegant – even their HIIT classes. Instead, think of these classes as badass ballerina lessons. Here, these ballet-inspired classes are incorporated with free weights, your body weight and other tools such as resistance bands and sliders that will train your core muscles as well as make you stronger all over. At just $49 for a 7-day trial, this gym studio provides the ultimate bang for the buck.

This article originally appeared on BeScene SG.

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