10 worst things about women that drive men crazy


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I got so excited while preparing this article as it gives me the thrill just by summarizing the list of things that does irritates men. Besides me (the super bitch) contributing to some, the rest of the major parts of info were obtained from my circle of male friends – Playboys, Married, Singles, Drinking Buddies, Successful and even Taxi Uncles whom I just casually chatted and asked during the ride….and boy were they interesting. However I’ll only be sharing those most frequently answered ones knowing there are way much more to be listed.

You can’t understand where that sweet sweet woman you dated had vanished to. She used to dress up, look good and smell nice and after she had got you, she just couldn’t be bothered how she looks. When you were dating she’ll battered her eyes, speak softly and was so damn understanding and now she’s fast losing her curves and changes her entire act in the relationship. Suddenly you feel you cannot trust the woman you thought you knew.

Fickle-minded woman who cannot stand firm on a decision and changes her mind CONSTANTLY. This is also why you hate to go shopping with her because she spends one hour staring at the same thing and the next two hours thinking whether to buy or not to buy. Then she finally buys after that long decision and lastly ended up regretting what she had bought over the next three days.

Woman who look down on you, your job, your family, your looks, your friends and everything else about you. However they still chooses you to be their life-long partner in spite of the never-ending comparing you with other people and the endless complaints about their unsatisfactory lives with you. This one truly ruins your self-esteem and manhood. She wants to play the power game and thinks she’s much more capable than you hence putting you down.

She can be a drama queen. In fact I don’t think anyone can stand this. Unlike listening to a bad song, you cannot just switch to another channel or turn it off. Perhaps this is how the saying “one ear in and one ear out” comes by.

5. “SAI-NAI”
There are many other terms in describing and this hokkien term means act cutesy, precocious or pretencious. She will act cute or behave cute and speak in a child-like tone, usually done in order to obtain a favor from you. I personally thought men love it but statistics shows that a real man hates and can’t stand a woman behaving this way, almost like a turn-off. Guess you still prefer them ‘normal’.


It is usually linked with women who are proud, have an attitude problem, are a spendthrift, love burning holes in your pockets, never satisfied and always comparing. If her Chanel bag and you fall into the sea at the same time, she will save her bag and leave you to drown. She spends most of her money on things to make her look expensive and when her money runs out, you pay.

This is SUPER extreme because it can get out of hand ruining careers, families or self. I’m not referring to phone calls or text harassment. The peace here refers to either your workplace or your home and family. But before you get irritated of the horrible shame and spot she had put you in? Do consider if you have mistreat her in anyways in pushing her using this down-right low class but sure can get your attention method on you. If not? She must be crazy to stood herself so low to harass your peace 😉

She doubts your love for her and you’re going crazy because she doesn’t trust you. She checks on you, calls you, wants screenshots of who you’re with and where you’re at. You don’t have enough personal space because she clings to you every minute so that you can’t fool around even when you’re actually not. They keep choke holds on you, but eventually driving you away.

Sex is a learned skill similar to driving a car. Some are good at it while others are experts. However you can’t stand the lack of enthusiasm, the no spice, no passionate or even the insulting behavior towards you. You also get irritated with the fact that as long as she’s mad at you, you can DIY. You cannot stand that hard and cold attitude towards you.

This is the hardest pain you‘ll ever be able to ‘swallow’. It takes two forms. First is the obvious one that she is having an affair and second is the mental one. Her body may be faithful but she’s playing manipulative mind games to keep you in her control. Such games can a man of his energy and preventing him from realizing his full potential. The truth is that cheating doesn’t have to be about affairs. It is deception of any kind.

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