11 beauty & makeup tips from 11 greatest Hollywood Stars that makes you shine like them

There will be a ridiculously long list of celebrity beauty tips that have been revealed, if you try to read that long list just to find out what tips that suits your everyday routine you gonna need a whole day in front of that list.

To make your life easier, here’s a collection of beauty tips that are really simple that anyone can follow. Oh, and not to mention that these tips works like magic tricks to attract everyone’s attention!

Beyonce Beauty TipsPicture1Her magic trick is that you just need to smile! No makeup can gift you with the wonderful and beautiful glow, which you instantly have when you smile! Also, you can just secure your ideal skin condition regularly using a moisturizer.

Jessica Alba Beauty TipsPicture2If you want to skip the mascara application but still want to enjoy the impressive eye makeup, Jessica Alba suggests using a curler instead. She states that the use of mascara is unavoidable only in case she has some puffy eyes that need to be concealed. Otherwise, she simply goes for curling her lashes and brushing the tips with a mascara wand just a little.

Zooey Deschanel Beauty TipsPicture3Coming to the secrets of the absolutely dumbfounding hair looks of Zooey, we are delighted to reveal that most of the time she takes care of the hairstyles and the hair looks herself without the help of a hairdresser and one of the keys to the striking and healthy looks is always keeping the hair polished ad moisturized, working on the protection. As for the styles, she notes to be going for experiments frequently, mostly concentrating on the volume around the crown. Using a lipstick is the next secret of her beauty, which, as she says, can work as a blush as well, so its double effective.

Emma Watson Beauty TipsPicture4Emma Watson is one of the most favorite young actresses of nowadays and her beauty is out of question. So stealing some beauty tips from her, we may talk about must-do procedures she notes, one of them being the removal of makeup every day before going to bed. Another mandatory product she keeps on using is the blush. In order to remove the incorrectly applied mascara, you need to dip a cotton ball into some foundation and remove the mascara using that cotton. It will thus also conceal the bad effect.

Scarlett Johansson Beauty TipsPicture5Scarlett in her turn reveals the secret of her shimmery and cute looks! She says she always starts out with a matte base leaving the application of the shimmer for the next step. In this way she prepares the proper background for the successful makeup application and the long-lasting effect of the shimmer.

Kim Kardashian Beauty TipsPicture6Another easy and effective way of adding some more glow and glam to your skin is suggested by Kim, who says to be using sugar to her daily body wash in order to have the ideal exfoliating effect.

Jennifer Aniston Beauty TipsPicture7Another great function of Vaseline is revealed due to Jennifer, who says that applying some small proportions like a quarter of a teaspoon under each eye helps her to fight the wrinkles and the fine lines. Repeating this every night she says to be having great results.

Mariah Carey Beauty TipsPicture8The secret trick of having such impressive and sassy lips is adding some mint extract to her gloss for stimulating and regulating the blood circulation there.

Taylor Swift Beauty TipsPicture9Taylor Swift goes on explaining the technique of getting the lip color last longer, suggesting to blot the first layer of the bright lipstick with a tissue, adding some powder over the tissue and again going on pressing it over the lips. Afterwards the second layer is applied and it definitely lasts longer.

Katy Perry Beauty TipsPicture10Using cleansing oils for taking off the makeup is the pick of Katy Perry. Again going for natural ingredients, you may also avoid any of the allergic reactions connected with the toxins. Using gels instead of regular manicure is the next secret of Katy. This is both effective and good-looking.

Gwen Stefani Beauty TipsPicture11Gwen does appreciate and value experiments, especially when colors are involved, and her suggestion is starting with a matte lipstick, letting it dry and adding a layer of creamy shade, being sure that it doesn’t get on the teeth.



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