11 brutally damning things only people who do shift hours would understand


Most of us would have worked shift work at least once in our life, no matter whether as a part-time job while we’re still in school or the nature of our chosen career field. If you’ve worked shift work before, you’ll definitely understand about the 11 things that only people who do shift hours would understand.

Weekends, meh.
While other people are looking forward to things like TGIF and the weekends, you don’t understand what’s so great about them. Especially when the weekends are also working days for you.

You can’t make any plans way in advance
With shift change, last minute requests and schedules that’re only finalized a week before, is it any wonder you don’t dare to make any plans until it’s almost too late? You wouldn’t want to organize an outing only to find that you yourself cannot join.

Changing shifts is tough, or at least tougher than what “normal people” think
It’s easy for your friends to ask you to try and change shift when they want you to join them, but honestly, they never understand how tough it is, especially if the person you’re asking to change your 10-hour Saturday shift with someone who finally has his Saturday off for the first time in months. You wouldn’t wish that even on someone you really disliked.

You start to hate public holidays and eves
Public holiday eves and public holidays can be considered as a “Monday” for people working shift work, because they’ll be suffering from the blues knowing that while other people are having fun and spending time with family and friends, you’re stuck here working till your shift is up.

Your sleeping pattern belongs to another time zone
While sane people in the country are sleeping, you’re working and when they’re working, you’re sleeping. When you go online to look for buddies or just someone (anyone, really) to chat with, they’re usually from a totally different timezone on the other side of the planet.

You haven’t seen your friends in a long while after getting this job
It’s not that you dislike them, or you’re busy, it’s just that your schedules can’t seem to match up unless they’re working shift hours as well. During the weekdays, you’re free while they’re not and during the weekends, the exact opposite happens.

You hate it when your customers wish you a happy holiday
When your holiday consists of working and serving Singaporeans, some of whom are dao or just plain old nasty, you definitely don’t want to be reminded that it’s a holiday.


Your partner has to be working shift hours as well
If not the relationship is bound to tough on both of you. It’s like having a Long-Distance Relationship, except that you’re both in the same country.

Dinner for you is probably supper for others
Especially if you’re working in F&B. When other people are eating their dinner, you’re working. If you want to eat your dinner, it’ll be before or after dinner hours.

Days usually blend together for you
Especially if you pull overnight shift work; you start work on Monday and end work on Tuesday. It’s bound to get confusing for you before long.

You wish to get a job with normal working hours
And this is probably the ultimate goal of any shift worker. To get a comfortable job with regular hours so that they’ll have work-life balance. Some shift-workers got this and realized that the entire work-life balance is pretty much a myth.

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