11 drool-worthy prawn noodles stall in Singapore you die-die-must-try before you die

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Singaporean like to complain about the escalating hawker price, however, do you know that the priciest hawker food – prawn mee that can cost up to $20 a bowl is also one of the best selling hawker foods in Singapore?

So, as long as good food concerns, price is really secondary, ordering a bowl of $10 or $20 prawn mee has become such a common scene in front of the prawn mee stall. Apparently it seems to be a very lucrative business from the price it’s charged and that may explain more and more people join in the prawn mee band-wagon.

You can see young white collars gave out the nice work environment and drench themselves in a hot and humid hawker centre or a coffeeshop selling prawn noodles. What really the magnetism force behind the prawn mee that flourishing in Singapore?

Well, the nice Mercedes-Benz and the luxury cars driven by the bosses from the prawn mee hawkers may shed some light. Weeks of continual tasting of prawn mee finally come to an end and time to make the final verdict.

Our gastronomic has digested of more than 20 of the famous, not too famous, potential gems and some really yucky prawn noodles all around the Singapore, some with second or third visit.

You may wonder do we get cloying with the prawn mee after the extensive food trail to identify the best prawn mee? To be honest, the answer is a affirmative.

We definitely need a break from prawn mee. Here is our top pick of the best prawn mee in Singapore. If in any case we have missed out any prawn mee worth to mention here, please let us know.

Note: the best picks are not in any preference order.

1.   Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House @ East Coast Road 美芝律大虾

1 From the man on the street to the bosses come with the supercar and those foreign registered cars packed the roadside, the popularity of this succulent prawn mee is evident. Details at http://ieatandeat.com/beach-road-prawn-mee-eating-house

2.  Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee @ Kallang 惹蘭蘇丹蝦

2 Not two or three person but ten over workers selling the prawn mee reflects the love of the people of this prawn mee shop. You can experience different taste of prawn broth throughout the day, a more light and less fishy broth at the beginning of the day when business just start to the rich and robust stock when close to the end of business day. Make your choice with your preference broth at the right time. Details at http://ieatandeat.com/jalan-sultan-prawn-mee-kallang/

3.  Blanco Court Prawn Mee 白兰阁街大虾

3 Close relationship with Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee, well received from people working in the city, this is also perhaps the nearest prawn mee to those stay at the West side of Singapore. Details at http://ieatandeat.com/blanco-court-prawn-mee/

4.   River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles 河南肉骨大蝦面 @ Tai Thong Crescent

4 One of the longest operating prawn mee shop in Singapore, running two shifts and operating from 6.30am to 4.30am, there is slight difference in the taste accordingly to the feedback, some like the auntie that cooked in the morning but there are people prefer the uncle cooked in the afternoon and evening. Details at http://ieatandeat.com/river-south-hoe-nam-prawn-noodles/

5.   Noo Cheng Adam Road Prawn Noodle, Singapore @ Zion Road

5Operating from the famous Riverside food centre at Zion road, the one man operated stall always busy like the bees. We like the broth and the prawn mee here a lot but the rushing job at time has somehow compromised the standard of the prawn mee, the inconsistency in the quality is the weakness here. Details at http://ieatandeat.com/noo-cheng-adam-road-prawn-noodle-singapore-zion-road/

6.   Da Tou Xia Yummy Prawn Noodle House大頭蝦美味蝦麵(Sad to say that the stall has shut its door)

6 A new player only ran the business for two months before shut in door for good. Though it was new but the shop has superior prawn stock and especially the dry version of the prawn mee, it is a pity they picked the wrong location for the business else it will be a real hidden gems for the prawn mee. Details at http://ieatandeat.com/da-tou-xia-yummy-prawn-noodle-house/

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7.   Lao Lee Prawn Noodle @ Tampines Market and Food Centre老李猪什排骨虾

7 A hawker stall but the queue is always one of the longest, robust prawn broth and the delectable dry noodle was a killer for those who love prawn mee, cheap and good is what we can get it here. Details at http://ieatandeat.com/lao-lee-prawn-noodle/

8.   Da Dong Prawn Mee @ Joo Chiat大东虾面

8 The heavily guided secret prawn broth is the trick here, the broth is damn good but can’t expect much of the enjoyment with the soup, you usually only given the bare minimum amount of the prawn stock that served with the noodles. Take a sip at a time to enjoy the  .goodness of the broth as refilling is out of question here. The price of the prawn mee is also one of the steepest with tiny portion of noodles. Details at http://ieatandeat.com/da-dong-prawn-noodles/

9.   Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles @ Pei Kio Market and Food Centre華記大蝦

9 Auntie selling the prawn mee is not too friendly and she has no fear to offence anyone with the perpetual queue in front of the stall. Good prawn broth but the dry version is a mediocre and far from good. Details at http://ieatandeat.com/wah-kee-big-prawn-noodles-singapore-pek-kio-market-food-centre/

10.   Newton Big Prawn Noodles @ Defu 纽顿天香大虾面 (分行)

10 Do not confuse with the Newton Mee Kee Prawn Mee that has few branches around in Singapore which has the standard that we think not worth the review. Newton Big prawn mee at Defu has very impressive prawn broth, the dry version is equally good and can make you keep going back. This is another hidden gems on prawn mee that definitely not to be missed. Details at http://ieatandeat.com/newton-big-prawn-noodles/

11.   545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles @ Tekka Food Centre 545黃埔虾面

11 Gave up the office work and jumped into the hawker trade selling prawn mee at Tekka food centre, the pretty lady manning the stall certainly not regretting her decision with the brisk business, big portion, reasonable price and great taste are the reasons of the big draw from the prawn mee fans. Details at http://ieatandeat.com/545-whampoa-prawn-noodles-tekka-food-centre/

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Have you found your love with this crustacean mee? We believe we have done our extensively search and evaluations of almost all the best prawn noodles in Singapore.


Understandable that taste can be subjective but what we presented here should be reasonably good according to our taste buds. We hope you can find one that can please your appetite. Enjoy and Happy eating Prawn Mee!

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