11 Homes That Take Creative Home Decor To A Whole New Level

Whoever says that Singaporeans aren’t a creative bunch clearly haven’t studied our homes closely enough! We take a quick peek into some of the most interesting homes that go off the beaten path in the spirit of experimentation. Be amazed and we’re confident these marvellous interiors will inspire you to trust your gut and go with your own unique decor tastes in future. These 11 bold homeowners have taken the risk and it certainly paid off, so don’t worry if you find yourself wanting a more unconventional look for your next home renovation!

1. The homeowners live like royalty in this alluring apartment, which contrasts the dramatic European classic style with sleek contemporary accents to form an unconventional home. This unique balance prevents visually “heavy” elements, such as the leather chesterfield and black wainscot cabinets, from overpowering the entire space. Interior Designer: The Scientist Location: Twin Waterfalls (condo) Size: 148 sqm Cost of renovation: $43,000

2. Instead of adopting the industrial theme wholesale, turn it up a notch by throwing in unexpected elements such as mid-century modern furniture and Pop Art-style colours, like scarlet. Such wackier components help to juxtapose with the cold steel and rough concrete textures of an industrial space. Interior Designer: Story Of Us Location: Punggol Parc Vista (HDB) Size: 92 sqm Cost of renovation: $48,000

3. Instead of having many different decorative features, the homeowner’s choice to stick to a handful of bold decor statements has created a much bigger impact overall. This includes the usage of vintage-inspired window shutters to replace solid walls, blue-grey and raw concrete walls, and offbeat furniture pieces. Interior Designer: Versaform Location: Boon Tiong (HDB) Size: 99 sqm Cost of renovation: $65,000

4. While this calming and soothing home is mostly bathed in Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, it doesn’t follow the same rules. In the living room, there is an ingenious divider made up of individual sliding panels that can be used to control the amount of light streaming in. Such delicate design helps to change the look of the space too – traditional when entirely shut and contemporary when alternative panels are opened. Interior Designer: Asolidplan Location: Vertis (condo) Size: 140 sqm Cost of renovation: $140,000

5. This home is a quaint hodgepodge of textures, patterns, and eye-catching designs, all under one roof! By sticking to a warm neutral colour scheme, the mix of different treatments for the floors, walls, and doors result in a cohesive and gentle blend of styles, preventing a chaotic look for the entire home. Interior Designer: The 80’s Studio Location: Acacia Breeze (HDB) Cost of renovation: $80,000

6. A simple living room jumps to life with a Roy Lichtenstein-inspired comic strip mural for the television wall, and is made even more colourful with the handful of animal-themed accessories. Fun and fresh, the cheerfulness of these adorable additions will surely put a smile on your face when you step into this home. Interior Designer: In Interior Design Location: Sumang Walk Size: 93 sqm Cost of renovation: $26,000

7. The combination of the herringbone floors, graphic concrete feature wall, and barn-inspired wall accents serves as a lovely backdrop for the iconic furniture designs, imbuing a sense of cosiness and homeliness to this dwelling. Interior Designer: Fuse Concept Location: Fernvale Street (condo) Size: 110 sqm Cost of renovation: $90,000

8. Traditional Chinese aesthetics take the centre stage in this bold red-black-white home. With oriental motifs incorporated into the chic, contemporary areas, this home manages to pay a modern homage to a past that has taken a backseat in today’s home decor trends. Interior Designer: Fuse Concept Location: Aalto (condo) Size: 130 sqm Cost of renovation: $60,000

9. Heavily influenced by the Memphis design movement that is known for asymmetrical forms, geometric lines, and loud colours, every corner in this artsy abode is a visual feast. The colour-blocking treatment for the walls brilliantly mirrors the wacky design pieces too! Interior Designer: Fifth Avenue Interior Location: Simei (HDB) Cost of renovation: $28,000

10. Fancy turning your home into a boutique hotel? This BTO ticks all the right boxes with a nautical theme for the living and dining room, a clean-cut urban feel for one of the bedrooms, and a snazzy contemporary for the master bedroom! Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Location: Upper Serangoon View (HDB) Size: 90 sqm Cost of renovation: $102,000

11. Step into the weird and wonderful world of this fearless homeowner, who takes pride in mixing, merging, and clashing a wide variety of styles! These high-powered interiors are wonderfully unique to this dwelling, and there is nothing more inspiring than a design enthusiast who isn’t afraid of experimenting. Interior Designer: New Nyew Location: Yishun Ring Road (HDB) Size: 63 sqm Cost of renovation: $100,000 If you are amazed by the above designs, check out our Qanvast app for more unique ideas and inspirations.

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