11 Must-Follow Telegram Channels/Groups to Stay Updated in S’pore


We’re not big fans of Whatsapp, to be honest. Apart from the daily routine message of “coming home for dinner?” from our parents and the viral fake news from paranoid relatives, we wish this messaging app had more to offer. It’s 2018 and I still need to link up my phone to use Whatsapp on my laptop? No, thank you.

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app of similar functionality to Whatsapp which has been gaining popularity recently in Singapore. It has additional features compared to Whatsapp and our favourite is definitely Telegram channels.

A Telegram channel is a group for broadcasting messages to an unlimited number of subscribers. Unlike a messaging group, messages are usually disseminated from a source and sent to subscribers. Texts are usually only permitted from the source which will avoid any spam. If you’re eager to add some channels to your Telegram messenger, we have the best recommendations for you!

1. SG Concerts

telegram channels singapore

What could feel worse than finding out your favourite band/singer is coming to Singapore only to realise that tickets are sold out? This Telegram channel keeps you updated on the latest gig news in Singapore, including concert announcements and ticket sales alerts.

2. Kiasu Foodies

telegram channels singapore

Nothing is more important than being the first to know the best food deals and discounts on our island. Who cares if you have more than 100k followers on Instagram and can bring me to yacht parties? We treasure a friend who recommends us the most affordable options to fatten ourselves.

This Telegram channel regularly gives you the best deals on food anywhere in Singapore. Handy if you’re looking to save up for your next unaffordable Grab ride.


3. Pelando SG

telegram channels: pelando

After filling our bellies using the good deals from SG Kiasu Foodies, we start scrolling through Pelando for the best shopping deals across our sunny island. Coupons from Honestbee, Lazada and even DBS can be found in this channel. Small perks like free bus rides for certain malls are also updated in this channel. Basically if you’re thrifty (or cheapo), this channel is truly God-sent.

4. SG MRT Updates

telegram channels singapore: sg mrt

MRT Breakdowns happen more often than we’d like. A fiery rage tweet or Facebook post does next to nothing and we accept the state of our MRT system the very next day as we hop on one to school or work. But being notified of one the very moment it happens can truly be a lifesaver.

On top of notifications of breakdowns or sever delays, the channel also gives warnings on early closures and late openings of certain MRT lines or stations.

5. SG Custom

telegram channels and groups singapore: sg custom
Despite the new tax kicking in across the causeway, we can’t resist heading down to Malaysia to get our fix of groceries, food and shopping. The important question is: Is the jam at Woodlands worth the trip?

Fret not. If you’re on the fence about your trip up North, check on the status of the jam from fellow Singaporeans themselves. The SG Customs Telegram channel is an open channel which allows subscribers to send messages. The rules of the channel prevent any spam or advertising from other users.

If you’re lucky, you can even find offers for transportation offered by users into Malaysia as well.

6. SG Update

telegram channels singapore: sg update

For all the drivers out there, you must add this channel into your Telegram app. Avoid traffic jams with regular updates from SG Update and be able to plan a less congested route on your drive.

7. Straits Times

telegram channels singapore: straits times

Keep in the loop with The Straits Times’ very own Telegram channel. If you’re very busy (or simply just lazy) to pick up the newspaper, just hop over to the channel and click on the links to your most preferred headlines.

8. Date Ideas

telegram channels singapore: date ideas

Read our recommendations for the best things to do for first dates but still have no idea? As advertised on the Date Ideas Singapore channel, it only takes fifteen seconds to pick out a suitable activity to do on your next date.

9. Personal Finance SG

telegram channels singapore: personal finance sg

This channel set up by Seedly.sg posts up tips on managing your expenses for all age groups and occupations. In NS but not sure how to save money? Looking to retire soon but anxious about your savings? We’re sure you can find some answers to these pressing questions regarding your personal finance management.


10. Part Time Jobs Singapore

telegram channels singapore

Looking for some extra dough on the side but job portals don’t seem to be working? Look through the Part Time Jobs (Singapore) channel for quick ad-hoc and fuss free part-time opportunities. Part-time jobs on this channel range from event helpers, surveyors and even mascot helpers! What’s great about the posts on this channel is the direct correspondence with the person in-charge! No hassle of sending an email when most of the posts include a phone number or telegram username for you to contact.

11. SG Internships

singapore telegram channels: internship

Internships are part and parcel of adulting before entering the working world. Internship opportunities from marketing, finance, operations and many more industries are regularly posted on this channel. This saves you a lot of trouble of having to regularly check up on numerous internship portals.

Can’t seem to find the perfect channel for yourself in this list? There is a whole variety of channels not listed in our article which could be right up your alley as well! What’s even better would be to create your own Telegram channel if you’re looking to start a community of your own. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your Telegram channel on our list one day.

This article originally appeared on BeScene SG.



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