11 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking Now


Last Updated on 2016-11-11 , 10:36 am

1. Self-Consciousness
You may end up becoming more self-conscious since your clothes, hair and breath smells rather stinky.

2. Decreased Sense of Smell and Taste
Over time, smokers become desensitized to their senses. They tend to lose the sense of smell, which results in a worsened taste bud. On the bright side, quitting can bring a quick return of the senses.

3. Two in three smokers die.
Based on a four-year study with > 200,000 men and women, as many as two in every three cigarette smokers will die from this habit, potentially from respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

4. Premature aging
American Academy of Dermatology highlights that smoking leads to biochemical changes in the body which plays a part in quickening the aging process. Specifically, smoking deprives the skin tissue of oxygen by causing the blood vessels to constrict. This means that the skin ages, and this is especially so for your face.
Furthermore, smoking requires your mouth muscles to work, which forms wrinkles around your mouth.

5. Securing Your Other Half
This is pretty much self-explanatory. And it could be due to the reason below.

6. Impotence
This is all the more true for men because it affects their blood vessels which helps in forming an erection.


7. Smokers have three-fold the risk of premature death of those who don’t.

8. Higher tendency to die
Smoking 10 cigarettes a day doubles the risk of dying and a pack a day increases the risk four- to five-fold. In fact,

9. Smokers die 10 years earlier
Furthermore, according to BMC Medicine, smokers will die 10 years earlier than non-smokers.

10. Increased infections
Smoking makes you more susceptible to seasonal flus and colds. While Singapore lacks a season, it still increases your susceptibility to flus and colds in general. This is due to the bacteria exposed. However, this will curb within a month of quitting. This is because your cilia, which are tiny hairs lining the respiratory tract, will start performing their protective role after a month of non-smoking.


11. You’re a danger to others
Secondhand smoke is estimated to indirectly cause 50,000 deaths yearly. Furthermore, it takes little second-hand smoke to trigger a heart attack or stroke in someone who is predisposed to that condition.

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