11 Signs That Your Girlfriend Has The Princess Syndrome


Last Updated on 2023-06-30 , 6:49 pm

Unmasking the Princess Syndrome: Is Your Girlfriend Part of the Royal Deception?

You may have heard of the phenomenon of the “Princess Syndrome” – a perplexing mindset that transcends cultural boundaries. Known as 公主病 in Chinese, the Princess Syndrome captures a peculiar psychological condition in which women, particularly girlfriends, fancy themselves as royalty. This peculiar ‘princess attitude’ is not limited to any specific age group and is indeed, prevalent even in adults, coining the term ‘princess syndrome in adults’.

Understanding the Princess Syndrome Meaning

When it comes to the princess syndrome meaning, it essentially entails a delusional belief where girlfriends perceive themselves as princesses. The princess mentality takes root and expectations from their partners skyrocket, creating the phenomenon of a ‘princess girlfriend’. This mindset induces the desire to be spoiled, pampered, and treated as if they are a genuine princess.

The Perils of a Princess Syndrome Girlfriend

Princess Syndrome girlfriends often perceive themselves as superior, treating their boyfriends with disdain. They demand outrageous favors and create dramatic scenes upon refusal, further exacerbating their princess syndrome. The boyfriends, fearfully contemplating a future without a girlfriend, comply, thereby further enabling the ‘princess attitude’.

The bitter reality, however, is that the only true remedy for this is to exit the relationship. As the saying goes, it’s better to be alone than be with someone who has a severe case of princess syndrome.

Signs of Princess Syndrome in Your Girlfriend

If you’re wondering whether your sweetheart is under the spell of the princess syndrome, here are a few telltale signs that could provide some clarity:

  1. Her Sleep is Her Crown Jewel

She prefers beauty sleep over spending time with you. You might be pushed aside for her luxurious 10-hour beauty sleep, affirming that her time is too precious for you.

  1. Your Relationship is Not Exclusive

She deems it appropriate to cheat on you because, in her princess mentality, you’re her subject, not her partner.

  1. Beauty is Her Obsession

Her appearance is her utmost priority. A mere wind-blown hair could drive her to the brink of a meltdown. And if you dare suggest she’s anything less than stunning, brace yourself.

  1. Public Disrespect is a Norm

Even in public, she spares no thought for your feelings, consistently subjecting you to humiliation. To her, you’re not her boyfriend, but a mere subject.

  1. You’re Her Royal Servant

Prepare to play the role of a servant, made to carry out menial tasks like housekeeping and cooking without any acknowledgment, let alone a reward.

  1. Your Finances are Hers

Despite her wealth, she’ll use your money to splurge on her extravagant purchases, leaving you financially strained.

  1. Politeness is Not in Her Vocabulary

She never says “please” or “thank you” when she orders you around. She’s a princess, and you’re her subordinate. She expects obedience, not requests.

  1. Her Feelings for You Don’t Constitute Love

It’s likely not the kind of love you’re seeking. To her, you’re her unpaid help, a dispensable accessory.

  1. She’s the Center of Her Universe

Everything revolves around her, and any action you undertake must concern and benefit her at your cost.

  1. Housework is Alien Territory

She’s clueless about housework and adamantly refuses to partake in it, leaving all domestic tasks to you.

  1. Only the Finest for Her Highness

She insists on buying the most expensive items and enjoying the finest food – all on your dime.

In summary, being involved with a woman exhibiting princess syndrome can be a draining experience. Recognizing these signs can aid in understanding if you’re dealing with a princess syndrome girlfriend and help decide the right course of action for your relationship.

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