11 Signs That Your Girlfriend Has The Princess Syndrome


Last Updated on 2020-02-17 , 2:58 pm

Also known as the 公主病 in Chinese, the princess syndrome your girlfriend might have is basically a psychological syndrome whereby girlfriends are delusional and believe that they are princesses.

Thus, they might have the princess mentality where they expect their boyfriends to spoil them, pamper them and treat them like a princess.

And yes, even adults have this princess syndrome.

Does Your Girlfriend Have The Princess Syndrome?

Normally, these types of GFs think of themselves as superior and treat their BFs like dirt and often command them to do absolutely ridiculous stuff and then start making a huge scene when they refuse.

What’s worse, the BFs (maybe some) actually do everything that they say because they are afraid that if they lose this GF, they might not get a girlfriend anymore, thus worsening their GF’s princess syndrome.

The only cure to this is to give them the world’s biggest bitch slap and leave them.  You deserve better. Honestly, I’d rather be alone than be with a GF that has the princess syndrome.

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If you want to know if your girl has princess syndrome, here are some tell-tale signs.

Hopefully, your GF DOES NOT show any of these signs and is instead, a sweet GF.

1) She prefers beauty sleep to BF

My point is, she rather sleep in for 10 hours a day rather than spend 1 hour with you. Because you are not worth her time.

2) She cheats on you

Because she does not think of you as her BF. You are just her subject so it is perfectly okay to for her to cheat on you but not the other way around


3) She is obsessed about how she looks

Like really obsessed to the point that the moment she sees just a slight malfunction, she will lose her shit completely. Like for example, she just set her hair and every strand is in place, then the wind blows her hair and her fringe become messed up. She will totally go ape-shit.

Of course, if you say she is not pretty, may God help you.

4) She abuses you all the time

Like even in public, she will still abuse you, ignoring your feelings and ego! She does not see you as her BF in her first place.

5) She treats you as her slave

As I said, you are not her BF, you are her subject or worse, slave. She will constantly get you to do things like clean up her house, cook for her etc. without any reward whatsoever. And if you do it badly, be prepared to be abused.

6) She uses your money to buy all her stuff even when she is rich

Simply put, she will clean out your bank account and then leave you high and dry.

7) She will never say “please” or “thank you” when she wants you to do things for her

What do you expect? I mean she is a princess and you are her slave. She expects you to do it, not request you to do it!

8) Whatever she feels for you, it’s not love

At the bare minimum, it is not the love you are looking for. At the very most, her feelings for you is that you are just her help. Her unpaid help. Basically, to her, you are like an accessory that can be discarded when she is tired of you.

9) Everything is about her

She thinks that everyone and everything revolves around her, including you. So, whatever you do, it must concern and benefit her at your expense. She is superior. You are not. So, yea, deal with it.

10) She has no idea about housework and refuses to do it

“How do you even operate a washing machine again? I mean, there are so many buttons and I am confused!” *Face-Palm*

And that is why you are there. To do the housework for her.


11) She buys the most expensive things and eat the best food

And use your money to pay for all these, naturally.