11 ways to turn your upcoming weekend into a LONG weekend

I know what you’re thinking,  it’s not really a long weekend, the holiday is on Thursday, so the weekend is untouched. To that I say, don’t bao toh la bro.

We would never ever advocate dishonesty and deceit but there are times when something pops up on a Friday and there’s nothing you could do about it. Here are 11 things that could make this Thursday a long weekend.

Family Issues
Hey you’re not REALLY lying, your cousin getting the new FIFA 16 is as much family matter as anything else. Oh, but sound sad la, in respect to the ever growing capitalism of the world.

Tell your boss your pet died
Big enough to warrant a sympathy day but not big enough to make you feel too guilty to enjoy your long weekend.

Take a sick day
Obviously do it honestly la, do you have a scratchy feeling in your throat, is your forehead feeling a tad warm, coughing a bit, a bit dizzy, do your fingers ache, is your soul well, is lethargy setting in, do you have a rare case of Fridayitis? Just go to make sure lor.

Take up monkhood
Let go of the material aspects of life and embark on a journey of self actualization, it is all just corporeal, your job nothing but an anchor weighing you down to the temptation of life. At least until Friday, then beg your way back into capitalism.

Start an affair with your boss
Hear me out. This will for sure, get you at least one day off as goodwill from your fellow adulterer. Spend it relaxing and regretting your actions.

Clone yourself
Make your clone go to work instead, then watch as he takes over your life bit by bit, your wife, husband, kids, your boss who you started an affair with, all compromised by the hubris of science. But on the other hand, long weekend!!!

Pretend you don’t understand the concept of calendars
“Huh, wait isn’t Saturday after Thursday?”

You’ll probably get fired for your ignorance of time butttt longer weekend!!

Tell your boss you’re going on an overseas trip
But really, you’re going on a staycation instead.

Inform your boss that you’ve already bought your ‘flight’ tickets and that your accommodation had already been settled for. Convince your colleagues that you’re indeed going overseas. Put your phone on flight mode for a couple of hours, Instagram your hotel’s bed and relax – this plan is now foolproof.

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Plug out of the matrix
Take the red pill, you’ll get a long weekend but you also have to fight an army of sentient computer creatures. Think carefully before taking this option.

Start a weekly holiday called Saturday Eve
Use Saturday Eve to push forward plans for Friday Eve

Take leave
Or you could just take a leave day, don’t think too much about “wasting” your leave, and just do it. Trust me, it’s worth it!

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