12 Useful Apps to Download Before Going On a Bangkok Trip

There is an app for almost anything under the sun, and making the most out of your stay in Bangkok is no exception. Let’s go through to help you carry on with your trip without the hassle and worry.

1. Bangkok Post

One app that will surely keep you updated with the current events and news in Bangkok is the Bangkok Post. It’s a news site in English so you can keep your finger on the local news while you’re there. It’s always good to get a quick update of the city you’re visiting. Safety first! Download and browsing using the app is free.

Bangkok Post

Bangkok Post is available at the Google Play Store, the App Store, and Blackberry World.

2. Google Translate

Google Translate translates between 103 languages (by typing). 52 of which can be translated offline. The app also has an instant camera translation feature that allows translation of 30 languages using your mobile phone’s camera. It can also function on conversation mode, a two-way instant speech translation feature. Pretty useful for when you’re trying to buy something for a cheaper price, isn’t it? Translation via handwriting using the keyboard is also doable. And, the app’s phrasebook feature allows bookmarking and saving of previously searched translations for future reference. Bottom line, you really do need Google Translate to get ahead in Bangkok.

Google Translate

Google Translate is available for download for both Android and iOS devices.

3. BMA Live Traffic

Everyone knows that Bangkok can get a little congested at times. BMA Live Traffic provides real-time access to road traffic information including traffic cameras and road congestion levels from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, and Intelligent Traffic Information Center Foundation.

BMA Live Traffic

BMA Live Traffic can be downloaded by mobile phones within the city’s vicinity via Google Play Store and App Store.

4. Google Maps

As many of us know Google Maps is an app the world relies on for real-time GPS navigation, traffic updates and re-routing, and transit schedules. It is an app that can be of great help to tourists to navigate around Bangkok, especially to those travelling with self-made itineraries.

Google Maps

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Google Maps are usually pre-installed in Android phones but can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is also free on the App Store.

5. Grab

Getting a taxi in Bangkok can be a struggle. Many complain about taxi drivers refusing passengers or charging unreasonable prices. The modern day solution local and tourist commuters go to is Grab. It is both a time and effort saver.

Grab offers the fastest transport booking service for taxis, private cars, motorbikes, and more. Payment is convenient too with credit card, cash, and mobile wallet as options.


Grab mobile app is available at the App Store and Google Play Store.

6. Uber

When you are having a hard time booking from Grab or when surges are high, Uber is a good option. It’s safe to use, too. Uber documents driver, vehicle, route, and passenger details. Payment can be made using credit card, Android Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, cash in select cities, and more. Receipts are automatically generated, too, and sent via email post ride.

Uber allows passengers to select from uberX (the most affordable version), uberPool (a sharing-a-ride feature), uberBlack (option to use high-end vehicles), and uberXL (to use vehicles able to load more passengers).


Uber is available in Android, iOS, and Blackberry versions.

7. Line

Many Thai shops and companies use LINE as a main channel to market and disseminate their products’ information. This is because millions of Thais use the app. Also LINE has cute stickers, so who can complain?

LINE permits free voice and video calls, and chats with data usage or WiFi, of course. International calls at low rates can be made through LINE Out, even to non-LINE users.


LINE is free for download at Google Play Store and App Store.

8. WhatsApp

Another popular mobile app in Bangkok is WhatsApp. Those who don’t use LINE will have WhatsApp instead. It is widely used in a lot of western countries (and also Malaysia, so most of us would probably have WhatsApp on our phone already). This app uses internet connection to make calls and send messages within the app for free. It is also a favourite chat app for group conversations.


WhatsApp is available for Android phones and iPhones.

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9. Trip.com’s Bangkok City Guide

If you don’t really have an itinerary planned, one app that can help you plan your way around the city of Bangkok is Trip.com’s Bangkok City Guide. It also has a hotel booking feature. Postcard creation and sharing is also a highlight of this app, because it helps to bring travelers together.

Bangkok City Guide

This Bangkok City Guide can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Sorry, Apple users.

10. Bangkok MRT app

The Bangkok MRT app is the official application from Bangkok Metro, also known as MRT. This app caters to point-to-point search on average traveling time, fare, route, train schedule, station facilities, and transportation network near stations like public vehicles and popular establishments, which is pretty useful for when you want to go to all the night markets.

Bangkok MRT

Bangkok MRT app is available for both Android and Apple users.

11. XE Currency

XE Currency is a famous currency converter app that comes with a calculator. It generates real-time rates and monitors up to 10 currencies simultaneously. Pretty handy for when you need to know if the rate you’re getting at the local money changer is not too low because you ran out of baht after all that shopping.

XE Currency

Download it to get the latest Thai baht conversion rate: Android, iOS. The Android version has an added widget for easy access.

12. DLT Check in app

If you manage to hail a cab without using any app, congratulations. But in case things do not go smoothly, the DLT Check in app will be handy to have in your phone. Sometimes, if you happen to have a really bad ride, DLT Check even allows you to report your taxi ride directly to the Department of Land and Transport so you can have that peace of mind.

DLT Check in

DLT Check in is available for Android and iPhone.

If you want more tips for getting around the city, check out the Bangkok Travel Guide. What other apps do you use when you travel to Bangkok?

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