12 Best Mobile Apps That Every S’pore Foodie Should Have

Given the limited avenue of entertainment in Singapore, most of us end up finding joy in the food we indulge in.

Like most Singaporeans, the Seedly team loves food too! But unlike many Singaporeans, our tiny paycheque requires us to be more financially savvy when it comes to our frequent food hunt. We believed that to be a true foodie, one needs to be armed with the latest mobile app to help you dominate your next dining experience.

TL;DR – The 12 Food Apps Every Singaporean Foodie Needs

For foodies who love a good deal or make table reservations at ease

Everyone deserves good food without the expense of breaking their bank. Below are some apps that can help you with your table reservations, or to get that discount off your total bill.

The Entertainer App

  • Offers “Buy One Get One Free” offers for various restaurants, beauty salons, health& fitness, leisure activities and much more.
  • These offers are always Buy One Get One Free, valid 7 days a week (excluding public holidays) and all year long!
  • Enjoy offers at up to 2,000 offers at up to 500 venues.
  • Products are valid from 2nd Jan to 30th Dec every year. Price of products gets cheaper as it gets closer to the end of the year.
  • Singaporeans save close to S$645 on average with the use of the app every year.

Download The ENTERTAINER for iOS or Android
Visit The ENTERTAINER’s Website or Facebook


  •  Discounted restaurant reservations platform offering real-time discounts of up to 50% off food bill for every restaurant every day.
  • Supported by more than 2,000 venues across the region, available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.
  • Most of the offers allow diners to dine at a discount during off-peak hours, at the same time, allowing restaurants to get more customers during those hours.
  • Totally free to use and no strings attached.

Download eatigo for iOS or Android
Visit eatigo’s Website or Facebook


  • As the name suggests, an app that allows one to make reservations.
  • Find a restaurant, and book your table directly in the app.
  • App also provides useful information such as menu and contact information of the restaurant.
  • Enjoy Chope exclusive promotions and read top guides.

Download Chope for iOS or Android
Visit Chope’s Website or Facebook

fave (previously Groupon)

  • An app that brings one the best deals and discounts, from meal deals to spa visits, fitness studios to hotel stays.
  • Users can browse, buy and after which redeem the deals at the respective place.
  • Look out for their Deals of the Day for exclusive offers limited to a certain timing only.

Download fave for iOS or Android
Visit fave’s Website or Facebook


  • Already known as a go-to place for food discovery and reviews, the app adds an additional advantage that allows reservation through it
  • Online reservation support for more than 550 restaurants
  • Search for different types of restaurants, cuisines, or dishes at ease.
  • Users can post a review and photos of places they have visited.

Download HungryGoWhere for iOS or Android
Visit HungryGoWhere’s Website or Facebook

For foodies who enjoy a food delivery in the comfort of their home

I will choose to have my favourite cuisine in my boxers lazing on my sofa at home anytime. If you are with me, here are the apps that can help you out.


  • Make order and get your food delivered to your doorstep.
  • Order from restaurants, from local hotspots to national favourites.

Download deliveroo for iOS or Android
Visit deliveroo’s Website or Facebook


  • Access the menus of over 500 restaurants in Singapore.
  • Order your favourite meal online and get it delivered to you.
  • Includes food reviews by customers.

Download foodpanda for iOS or Android
Visit foodpanda’s Website or Facebook


  • Hundreds of restaurants to choose from
  • Through Uber network, a user can get anything from their roster of local restaurants within minutes.
  • Crave. Click and enjoy your favourite restaurants.

Download UberEats for iOS or Android
Visit UberEats’s Website or Facebook

For foodies who enjoy cooking

It is no secret! Cooking your own meals can help you save so much more in the long run. Here are the apps that can help you avoid that kitchen disaster.


  • Over 2,000 Tasty recipes at your fingertips
  • Step-By-Step instruction
  • An innovative Search tool that allows users to filter recipes based on ingredients, cuisine and even special occasions.
  • The function to filter by what matters to one, like vegan, gluten-free, etc.

Download Tasty for iOS or Android
Visit Tasty’s Website or Facebook


  • Entertaining food and travel shows, awe-inspiring original series, tasty recipes with video instructions, and easy to follow cooking classes.
  • Most Singaporeans might have come across Tastemade videos on social media.
  • Recipes with video instructions

Download Tastemade for iOS or Android
Visit Tastemade’s Website or Facebook


  • New content every day, along with videos of recipes
  • 35,000 tested recipes to choose from
  • Recipe reviews and ratings from home cooks

Download Epicurious for iOS or Android
Visit Epicurious’s Website or Facebook

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For foodies who enjoy cashback on their food

Below is an app that can help you save even more in form of cash backs.


  • Gives you access to the latest coupon codes, deals and offers over 500 stores.
  • Receive cashback when you get your meal through deliveroo, foodpanda, spizza, eatigo, hungrygowhere, Quandoo, Stamford and Cat & the Fiddle.

Download Shopback for iOS or Android
Visit Shopback’s Website or Facebook


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