12 Places in S’pore To Celebrate Your Birthday to Make It Lit

Image: Embassy’s Alliance & The Floating Donut Company

One year older, one year wiser—but that doesn’t make finding the ideal spot to hold a birthday celebration any easier.

If you’re running out of ideas, we have gathered 12 places in Singapore where you can hold your birthday celebration at!

1) Book a staycation with your BFFs

birthday places ideas: staycation
Image Source: Honeycombers

The best part about having a staycation with your friends or other half besides the quality time spent together are the amenities available to you, so you can be sure to have the time of your life without having to look for it.

Swimming pool? Check. Gym? Check. Room service? Check. One heck of a birthday? Check!

2) Hold a yacht party

birthday places ideas: yacht party
Image Source: Unsplash

If you’re all about cruising in the open waters and budget isn’t a concern, then how does holding a lavish birthday party on a yacht sound?

An average Singaporean probably wouldn’t own a private yacht but fret not as there are many yacht rental services in Singapore. Though it is not necessarily the most affordable way to throw a birthday party, one thing is for sure—you’ll surely be enjoying this special occasion as you relish the sea breeze with a cocktail in hand.

More details of the yacht charters here.

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3) Dine in a donut float

birthday places ideas: floating donut
Image Source: The Floating Donut Company

If dining on a private yacht is way out of your budget, yet you still wish to dine on waters and soak in the briny air, perhaps you may wish to consider having a meal on a doughnut. Established in late 2018, a reservation with The Floating Donut Company allows you to cruise around the Marina Bay area while dining and sipping on a cocktail with your loved ones.

More on the donuts here.

Some more birthday ideas!

4) Hold your birthday in a fancy private dining room

birthday places ideas: dining room
Image Source: Eater New York

Feeling lavish? Make your birthday celebration an extravagant and fancy one with top-notch, quality nosh over at one of Singapore’s many private dining rooms. Depending on the restaurant, prices to book one of such rooms will vary. If you’re lucky, there’s also a chance that you may find a restaurant that allows you dine in a private dining room with no minimum dining cost!

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All that angbao money has got to go somewhere… so here are some suggestions!

5) Bake your own #spoilmarket birthday cake

birthday places ideas: bake a cake yourself
Image Source: Baker’s Brew Studio

Instead of relying on cake shops for your birthday centrepiece, why not get hands-on this upcoming birthday and bake a cake for yourself? There are numerous baking workshops in Singapore that you can easily sign up for.

For all you know, baking a cake might just be a piece of cake and you’d start whipping them up yourself on subsequent birthdays.

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6) Give back to society

birthday places ideas: charity
Image Source: YMCA

While we are busy growing up and enjoying the littlest things in life, let’s not forget about others who are getting older too and have contributed to where we are now in one way or another. Volunteering at the many beneficiaries and organisations in Singapore is easy, be it orphanages or the elderly’s homes. Give back to society and it’d help both you and the recipients!

7) Have a picnic

birthday places ideas: picnic
Image Source: City Nomads

For those who appreciate celebrations that come from the bottom of the heart rather than exuberant spendings that are sometimes unnecessary, picnics might just be it. Picnic celebrations may not be the most extravagant of sorts, but what it encompasses is honest contentment that only handmade sandwiches, shopping at the grocery store together and watching the sunset can provide.

Here are some parks to have a picnic at!

8) Dine in one of the world’s tallest ferris wheels

birthday places ideas: dine in a flyer
Image Source: Embassy’s Alliance

Our little red dot certainly does not fall short in terms of landmarks and the Singapore Flyer is undisputedly one of the most breathtaking iconic landmarks here—so what better way to celebrate your birthday than with an unobstructed bird’s eye view of the city? Besides standard tickets, guests can also opt to have a romantic 4-course meal on the flight at S$328.90 for 2 pax.

Too expensive? Here are 11 Fun & Free Things To Do In Singapore!

9) Get that adrenaline rush at iFly Singapore

birthday places ideas: ifly
Image Source: iFly Singapore

Also the world’s largest themed wind tunnel for indoor skydiving, iFly Singapore is where you can get the closest to skydiving—and priced at a fraction of the real thing. Enjoy unparalleled views of Sentosa beach whilst free falling!

Since you’re there, how about checking out 20 Activities at Sentosa for a Fun-filled Day With Your Loved Ones?

10) Go island hopping

birthday places ideas: island hopping
Image Source: Discover SG

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and seek respite on your special day over on another island just a stone throw’s away from Singapore, such as St John Island and Kusu Island. Here you can expect less people, cleaner surroundings and fresher air. No passports required, all you need to do is to get a ticket for the ferry which departs from Marina South Pier!

11) Go ‘glamping’

birthday places ideas: glamping
Image Source: Lydia Chia

For those who think that staycations are way too overrated and prefer something more adventurous, glamping would posit as a good idea. A hybrid of glamorous, modern-style getaways and camping in nature, glamping allows you to interact with nature in true modern fashion and would definitely make for an exceptional staycation.

Here are some parks for you to glamp at!

12) Let it go at a KTV

birthday places ideas: ktv
Image Source: Bandwagon

It’s your birthday and that means that it is your party and you can Do What You Want (hello Lady Gaga?) to. Unleash your inner Beyonce and let it all out in a KTV pub, which can usually host many people and some even have pool tables in the rooms! Singapore is home to plenty of KTV places ranging from budget to the extravagant so feel free to take your pick.

This article originally appeared on BeScene SG.

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