12 Places To Go & Things To Do In The Middle Of The Night in S’pore (Updated for 2019)

1) Admiralty Park Playground

things to do in singapore at night: admiralty park
Image Source: Mothership.sg

Is the child inside you dying to break out to indulge in some childish fun? Then you definitely should check out Admiralty Park Playground. They have a massive collection of 26 slides that you can have fun zipping your way down on. Trust us when we say that there are actually more adults here than children.

Location: Admiralty Rd

2) Cosmic bowling

things to do in singapore at night: cosmic bowling
Image Source: HYPE & STUFF

Normal bowling in the day, cosmic bowling at night. We love a good game of cosmic bowling into the wee hours of the night. It’s such a fun yet magical experience to watch those pretty glowing balls roll down the lanes! Why not ask your date out for some late-night bowling?

Price: $$
Location: Orchid BowlParkway BowlThe Fun Empire

3) Don Don Donki

Japan’s popular discount king store is the place to be when you’re craving for some retail therapy in the middle of the night. This magical place sells pretty much everything; from Japanese snacks to make up and household items, you know you can find it here if you can’t find it anywhere else. Best of all, this place is open 24-hours, so you can even come down at 4.37 am without fear.

Location: Orchard Central

4) East Coast Park

where to go at night in singapore: east coast park
Image Source: Justin Ng

Some places are more beautiful than others at night, and one of those places definitely has to be East Coast Park. Forget all those ghost stories that you have heard of the place being haunted and enjoy the beautiful greenery as well as the nice, peaceful environment. This place is great to retreat to if you want some time away from the hectic city life and if you enjoy staring out at crashing waves and pretty skies.

Location: E Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore 449876

5) Gardens By The Bay

things to do in singapore in the middle of the night: gardens by the bay
Image Source: Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is gorgeous in the day, but even more so at night. When the sky turns dark, the gardens magnificent supertrees come alive and put up a stellar night show that will leave you mesmerised and in awe.

Did you know that you can stand to enjoy 1-for-1 entry to the Cloud Forest or Flower Dome on every 10th of the month?

Location: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

6) Henderson Waves

things to do at night in singapore: henderson waves
Image Source: Evolve Vacation

Night time is the best time to take a nice, chill walk. It’s less crowded and the weather is way more cooling as compared to the scorching sun in the day. You also get in a little bit of exercise. Henderson Waves is a great place to go to if you want a place where you can admire beautiful skylines and enjoy pretty lights.

Location: Henderson Road, 159557

7) Minds Cafe

things to do in singapore at night: minds cafe
Image Source: Honeycombers

Fancy a night that requires a little more brain juice? Head down to The Mind Cafe to tackle a bunch of fun puzzles and board games with your friends. These tricky games will definitely keep you up into the wee hours of the night, and the good news is that this place is open till 6am for you to do that.

Playing board games also happens to be one of our top favourite date ideas.

Location: King and the Pawn (open until 2 am on Fri and Sat), The Mind Cafe (open until 6 am on Fri and Sat), Settlers Cafe (open until 1 am on Fri and Sat), Play Nation (open until 1 am on Fri and Sat)

8) Mustafa

things to do in singapore at night: mustafa
Image Source: The Finder Singapore

Another shoppers paradise that you can check out besides Don Don Donki is Mustafa. This treasure haven is open 24-hours, and they sell a plethora of things that you need (and don’t need). Even if you have nothing to buy, you can always spend your time exploring this massive shopping maze. We promise you that it may take a few more trips to cover this place entirely.

Price: $$
Location: 141 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207700

9) Late-Night Gymming

best 24 hour gyms singapore: gym pod
Image Source: The Gym Pod

Feeling a little jumpy at night and you want to get your body moving? Why not go for a late-night workout? With 24-hour gyms being all the rage in Singapore now, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking one to join as a member. Find out which of the 7 24-hour gyms in Singapore would suit you best.

Location: 24-hour gyms in Singapore

10) Prawning

things to do at night in singapore: prawning
Image Source: Marcus Linder on Flickr

For the more adventurous, you can always try prawning. These places are open 24-hours a day, so you you insomniacs are always welcome. Catching prawns are tough, and getting a fat, well fed prawn off a hook is a another challenge in itself. However, prawning makes for a fun activity that will definitely keep you entertained for hours. What’s even better is that you can eat your catch after!

Prawning makes a fantastic late-night date idea too!


Location: Hai Bin PrawningOrto

11) Senoko Fishing Port

things to do in singapore at night: senoko fishery port
Image Source: Going to Singapore

Looking for a night activity that is a tad bit more on the unconventional side? Venture into the world of Singapore’s local seafood supply chain by visiting Senoko Fishery Port and explore this massive, fascinating wholesale fish market. All the action takes place around 3am to 4am, so if you’re up at this time of the night and you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous than usual, you can check this place out.

Location: 31 Attap Valley Rd, Singapore 759908

12) Swee Choon

Image Source: Lirongs.com

How could we not include this place on the list? If you’re feeling a little peckish and you’re looking for somewhere to chow down on some good food, you can always head to Singapore’s all-time dim sum place, Swee Choon, for some affordable and mouthwatering dim sum. They are open all night into the wee hours of the morning, which is great news for our ravenous insomniacs.

Location: Jln Besar, 183-191, Singapore 208882


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