12 reasons why choosing the window seat in a plane for a higher price is worth every cent

If you’re a frequent flier, you’ll probably have taken both aisle seats and window seats before, but given a choice between the two, which one would you choose? Most people, at least the experienced ones, would prefer to take the aisle seat, especially on long flights. After all, you don’t have to deal with squeezing past people to go to the toilet, and in typical Singaporean fashion, you’ll be able to be one of the first few to step off the plane, right?

Well, if you’re thinking like this, here’s what we think. Sitting in the window seats has its perk, despite having to squeeze past seats angled backwards and disturbing sleeping “seat mates”. In fact, don’t take our word for it. Here are 15 reasons why we think choosing the window seat in a plane for a higher price is worth every cent. And every reason is “Instagram-worthy”. Literally.

You can look down at the highest point of Africa

flight 1
Image: kylemijlof.blogspot.sg/

The feeling you get when you look down at this majestic view is indescribable, isn’t it?

You can watch a sunrise among the clouds

flight 2
Image: Flickr (Florian Seiffert)

Forget watching a sunrise from East Coast Park. It has nothing on watching the sunrise from among the clouds. Nothing.

If sunrise isn’t your cup of tea, how about sunsets?

flight 3
Image: Flickr (Neil Howard)

This view is enough to take your breath away.

You can watch a forest fire from high above

flight 4
Image: richardskoonberg.com

Yes, we know Singaporeans don’t have fond memories of forest fires, especially during haze-season last year (which was especially bad) and our brave personnel going to Indonesia to help with the situation. But when you watch it from above, you’ll find yourself speechless at how such a bad thing can be so beautiful.

You can appreciate the beauty of a country 

flight 5
Image: mariusz kluzniak

Yes, this is Norway, one of the most beautiful and idyllic countries in the entire world.  Looking at the picture, we can understand why, right?

You can see the entirety of mountain ranges

flight 6
Image: Flickr (mariusz kluzniak)

If you thought the mountain ranges are majestic from the ground, wait till you see them when you’re high up in the sky.

You can see the city lights from above

flight 7
Image: plus.google.com (Tom Anderson)

If you’ve had the opportunity to view city lights from above, you’ll know what we mean. If you’ve not have had the opportunity, then taking the window seat during a night flight will be your next objective.

You can view historical sites in a different light

flight 8
Image: Flickr (killerturnip)

This is no miniature or artist’s impression. This is the real deal – Indonesia’s Prambanan Temple.

You get to see an ocean of clouds

flight 9
Image: Flickr (Johnathan Nightingale)

There’s a reason why the saying “among the clouds” can be taken to mean that you’re dreaming. Because when you’re literally among the clouds, you can just stare at them all day long.

You feel out of this world

flight 10
Image: Flickr (Kim Seng)

Tell me, doesn’t this make you feel like you’re out of this world?


A waterfall from high up

flight 11
Image: Flickr (Cody Hinchliff)

If you happen to be flying over waterfalls, the best, and least dangerous place to appreciate its beauty if probably from high up.

You get to see your Singapore from up above

flight 12
Image: wikipedia.org

You’ll never appreciate how far along Singapore has come until you see the entire city from high up above. A sense of pride and patriotism might just ignite in you for that brief moment. Then it’s back to work and grind, most probably.

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