These 12 Small HDB Flats And Their Clever Interior Design Will Inspire You

Space is a luxury in Singapore where smaller-sized apartments and HDB flats are the norm. In terms of interior décor, organisation and storage, it can be problematic where you are somewhat limited. To get around your space limitations, you really need to think out of the box (or in this case, out of the four walls that surround you).

Take cue from these small apartments that we sussed out: Done up with the right ID that is not only stylish but also clever, each one of them look more spacious, impressive and stunning.

1. We love the hidden vanity table in the living room – ideas like these are perfect when space is an issue. Foldable furniture – like the dining table here – help with organisation. The homeowner also kept the theme pretty much simple to avoid overcrowding the small space.

Interior Designer: Design Chapterz Location: Skyville @ Dawson (HDB)

Size: 83 sqm Cost of renovation: $38,000

2. This small apartment goes big on style by using a neutral colour scheme and sleek finishing. Glass panels add on the illusion of space. Interior Designer: Spaces Living Concept Location: Trivelis (HDB) Cost of renovation: $25,000

3. Dark colours may be the last choice for small apartments but when paired with eclectic finishing and pop of colours, it adds a huge personality that makes your space stand out. Interior Designer: Fatema Design Studio Location: Tampines (HDB) Size: 67 sqm Cost of renovation: $46,000

4. A real smart idea: A pullout dining set that neatly stores itself within the kitchen layout! Stow it away after each meal and voila! Instant space. Interior Designer: New Nyew Design Location: Boathouse Residences (condo) Size: 65 sqm Cost of renovation: $48,000

5. This apartment feels incredibly cosy with its good mix of industrial details yet warm finishes. Grey, white and wood is an excellent colour combo that completely transforms any space to make it look chic and modern. Interior Designer: Prozfile Design Location: Boathouse Residences (condo)

6. To make your apartment look more spacious, make sure to keep the same floor texture and colour for continuity, just like this apartment. Be creative when it comes to utilising every nook and cranny you have. In this example, the homeowner has created a unique dining area in one corner of the living room and a lounge area in another. Interior Designer: D5 Studio Image Location: Geylang (HDB) Size: 52 sqm Cost of renovation: $44,000

7. With an apartment so big on style, you even forget that it is tiny to begin with! This apartment may feel dark and masculine but the dark colours don’t make the space feel smaller because of its cool finishing and cage-like dividers that don’t further enclose areas. Interior Designer: Neu Konceptz Location: Altez (condo) Size: 72 sqm Cost of renovation: $80,000

8. The neutral tones in this apartment evoke a cosy feel while smart storage spaces create functionality for the homeowner. A light floor and ceiling “open” up the space even more. Interior Designer: Project File Location: Parc Emily (condo) Size: 74 sqm Cost of renovation: $70,000

9. We absolutely love the tiled white kitchen that speaks volume in style. Plus, the eclectic and vintage feel throughout the apartment gives it a gallery impression. Windows come in handy to brighten up the apartment to make it look more spacious. Interior Designer: Asolidplan Location: Eng Hoon (HDB) Size: 80 sqm Cost of renovation: $115,000

10. Again, when your apartment is small, think of huge windows that make it look airy and spacious. Art pieces on the wall create a nice impression that catches your attention immediately. Interior Designer: Hall Interiors Location: The Interlace (condo) Size: 75 sqm Cost of renovation: $35,000

11. We love the industrial feel to this apartment. It may be small but its use of textures and colours as well as space ideas really make it big on style! Interior Designer: Rezt & Relax Interior Location: Kim Keat (HDB) Size: 64 sqm Cost of renovation: $60,000

12. A white-meets-wood theme works really well to create a flow throughout this apartment. Windows that go almost all the way up to the ceiling is a great way to make any space look bigger than it really is. Interior Designer: Project Guru Location: Skyville @ Dawson (HDB) Size: 81 sqm Cost of renovation: $39,000

Having a good and the right design can do wonders to small spaces. Create a space you love to be in at home. With over 200 interior firms in Singapore, we can match you with 5 firms that fit your renovation requirements and budget, whether you have big or small plans in converting that space.

Request for free quotes here and we will followup with you shortly, for free. Not ready to renovate yet? Planning for your dream interiors needs a bit of research and we have just the right resources for you to get started.

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