12 Wardrobe essentials every girl must have in their cupboard

“What am I gonna wear?” cliché… but this is one question that comes to mind before a girl presenting herself to public. Every female want to looks the best when meeting with others.

Admit it, every time we wanted to change our clothes or when we just finished showering we have spent ridiculous amount of time in front of our closet thinking, wondering and try so hard to decide what to wear. We might have a closet full of clothes from bottom to top but still thinking that we have nothing to wear.

When you have a favorite outfit, feels like you want to wear them anytime and anywhere. Well there’s nothing wrong with that as long as others see that not as the same as before. The key is to cleverly mix and match what you are wearing and you will never caught wearing the same outfit again! Well, it practically the same but it just looks different.

You don’t have to own a walking closet to wear different outfit everyday! The secret is to own some wardrobe essentials that is easy to wear, easy to mix and match, all occasion friendly and the most important extremely easy to decide and save a heaps amount of time. Here are the things that you need to make your life simply easier…

wear1Plain white tee – plain white tee is one versatile clothes anybody should have. This thing is versatile, goes well with everything. You can wear it at any occasions as long as you paired it right.

wear2White button down – paired it with skinny jeans, tuck it in your skirt, or wear it with denim shorts or hot pants. This thing could go from formal to a truly relaxing activity. Still thinking you don’t have anything to wear?

wear3Black button down – oh,.. it’s black! Needless to say, everybody know that black is essentially suites for everything.

wear4Blazer – invest in this thing, take any of every colors you like. Why? This is the reason why you will never get caught wearing the same outfit every day. You can pair it with jeans today and you can show up with different shirts inside and no one will notice that you are wearing the same blazer.

wear5Day Dress – “Since pants are now an acceptable form of dress for myriad daytime celebrations, the day dress doesn’t get as much play as it used to. But a sophisticated shift is often the easiest and most appropriate choice for such semiformal festivities as luncheons, recitals, and afternoon bridal showers. And when you (re)discover how little effort it takes to zip into a dress, you’ll find it a pleasure to give your pants a well-deserved rest.”

wear6Pencil skirt – shape is everything, from office wear to a date night. Pencil skirt shows a woman’s curves. When you have one you can get creative every time you have some occasions.

wear7Skinny jeans – well, guess everybody already have one! Who doesn’t love skinny jeans? It’s like the basic needs.

wear8Black pants – you don’t want to always go out with jeans right? You can wear black pants to work and you can also wear them anywhere. Different tops on different occasions. Make your life easier.

wear9Ballet flats – keep it chic, do not do crocs. Comfortable and yet still look like a women. You can wear them with your dress on a formal occasion or you can wear them with jeans when you are hanging out with your friends.

wear10Black pumps – every women out there knows that black pumps is a must have items.

wear11Clutch (black or maroon to add some statement) – one thing that every girl must have. You must always… always have a clutch in your wardrobe. You never know when you are going to a formal party and you might have a fancy dinner with special someone. If you have a dress then you also had to have a clutch!

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wear12Sun glasses – not only this thing adds as a good accessory but sun glasses also protect your eyes from the sun’s UV light that could cause cataracts. Always wear sunnies when you are having activities outside.

Reference: realsimple



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