13 girlfriends from hell that all men should avoid

1. The girlfriend with Princess Syndrome
More commonly known in Mandarin as “公主病”, this type of girlfriend expects you to do what she says. Her sentences are demands, and she never discusses but merely instructs.  If you don’t do to her bidding, she’ll get angry and defensive. Somewhat similar to someone from the strawberry generation but a lot hardcore, she complains about everything and only goes to air-conditioned places. Bags must either be branded or, well, you as the boyfriend carry it.

2. The overly fantasizing girlfriend
She lives in a fantasy world, and believes her relationship with you is much like the romantic Korea idol drama she has watched recently (she might even call you “Oppa”—the way girls call their boyfriends in Korea dramas). She is forever thinking that you are not good enough (because you’ll never be as handsome as that hunk from a Korea drama, right?).

3. The manly girlfriend
If you’re late, she won’t just smirk: she’ll curse everyone in your family and use Hokkien to describe the reproductive system of a human for no apparent reason. She is so loud that in a restaurant, everyone knows what you both are talking about. And also, if she is wearing a skirt (which is like once in a blue moon), everyone will know the colour of her underwear as her legs would be spread wide open like a man.

4. The unreasonable girlfriend
She is always right and you are always wrong. Every molehill can be a mountain, and don’t even think that she would change—after all, to her, what change do you expect since she was right.

5. The overly controlling girlfriend
She controls everything about you and wants to know exactly where you are at any moment. For all you know, she—who is usually very paranoid—have timed how long you take a dump and if one day, you spend one more minute in the toilet, you’re in for a quarrel. To her, you cannot speak to any other girl, and you can only have male friends in your Facebook account. Poor you.

6. The anti-social girlfriend
She won’t greet your parents, she wouldn’t greet your sidling and she would only frown at your friends. But you—you must do the exact opposite, if not she would be angry.

7. The possessive girlfriend
You’re a dead man if you didn’t update her about your whereabouts. You’re a dead man if you didn’t reply to her WhatsApp message within five minutes. You’re a dead man if you didn’t pick up her call. You’re a dead man if you didn’t report to her within 24 hours.
Sounds a lot like NS, isn’t it?

8. The materialistic girlfriend
To this girlfriend, it’s all about money, money and money. Whoever has more money or has showered her with more lavish gifts will be able to buy win her heart.

9. The over-dramatic girlfriend
She’s almost to the extent of being bipolar—one moment she could be happily having a meal with you and the next, she is screaming at you for chewing too loudly. And sometimes, when you ask her what is wrong, she will be silent. It’s so frustrating that it’s only a matter of time before you snap.

10. The “heck-care” girlfriend
She doesn’t care about anything—she would wear a singlet to a wedding dinner or would scream at you in the middle of a crowded street. She, well, just heck care about social norms.

11. The girlfriend who speaks her mind too bluntly
There is a thin line between being honest and being stupid—this girlfriend belongs to the latter. She would just say anything that comes to her mind, as if her mind is on her lips. Or maybe it is.

12. The girlfriend who flirts with every guy
Self- explanatory, isn’t it? But she flirts with you the same way she flirts with other guys. Makes you wonder why you have the tag of “boyfriend”.

13. The violent girlfriend
She beats you. Yes, that’s not exactly something that is common, but unfortunately, there is no reason why this cannot occur.

Translated by Goody Books Editorial
Original Mandarin article from zh.goodyfeed.com at 男生最害怕的13个女生类型!


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