13 Problems That Only People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:37 pm

#1 The rain hates you.
All you can see when the raindrops come pattering down are friggin’ large dollops of rain on your glasses. You take your glasses off and frantically wipe them on your shirt, only to find out that you’ve made the problem worse by smearing weird rain-substance ALL over your glasses.

#2 When your glasses go whoop-slippery-slide.
Is there a solution to push your glasses up your nose constantly without looking like a noob?

#3 “You look so different without your glasses!”
Translation: you look so ugly with your glasses on that you instantly become a goddess when you take them off.

#4 “How many fingers am I holding up?”
The next time your friend waves his hand in front of your face asking you this annoying prank of a question, grab his fingers and give him the zombie-munch instead. He won’t ask you that question ever again.

#5 You want to eat curry mee but you can’t because your glasses are fogged up.
The story is real; the struggle is real. There’s a lot of unbridled anticipation when it comes to putting curry mee into your mouth, you know.

#6 You swim like a blind duck.
Instead of swimming like a normal person, you end up swimming into people.


#7 When you want to find a good position when you’re lying down but you can’t.
Normal people read or use their laptops in the weirdest positions, either with half their face squashed into a pillow or something like that. People who wear glasses can’t do that because their glasses will squash their face, leaving angry red marks behind.

#8 When you leave a cold shopping mall and you’re blinded by white fog for, like, 30 seconds.
In which you stand completely still because you don’t want to walk into a wall – or worse, a car.

#9 When people suggest you wear contacts.
“Why? I look horrible with glasses issit?”

#10 How do you wear a pair of sunglasses WITH your glasses without looking like you have four eyes?
It’s just unnatural.

#11 When you try to take your shirt off and accidentally take your glasses along with it.
It’s always a battle which you can never win. Either you exert the extra effort to take your glasses off and set them at a safe place, OR you wrench your shirt off and take your glasses along for the ride.

#12 Getting new prescriptions every time are a hassle.
New glasses with stronger power lenses? Sure let me just put them on – oh gawd the world is spinning and there’s vertigo someone STOP IT PLEASE.

#13 You are, put simply, quite blind without them.
And this is a fact that you know very, very well.

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