13 signs that shows you have an awesome boyfriend


Last Updated on 2016-06-01 , 6:21 pm

He’s always there when you need him.
When you’re sick, he’s there; when you’re in need of someone to confide in, he’s there. When you don’t need him around…he’s still there. Just think of him as a combination of public transports, he’s always there whether you need him or not. And when he’s not able to be there, he’ll get a soft toy to record his voice and tell you that the soft toy is there to protect you in his stead.

He’s always complaining but still does as told.
He is always complaining about your treatment of him in front of his friends, your friends, your parents, his parents; but in the end, he still does things the way you want simply because he loves you. And honestly, complaining is a Singaporean trait so you can’t expect him to stop complaining about stuff, but you may want to consider doing something nice and sweet for him once in a while.

He’s not sweet and romantic, but he tries to be for you.
You know that he’s not particularly romantic or sweet and honestly, his attempts at being romantic and sweet is remarkably bad. But he still tries from time to time, simply because he knows it makes you laugh.

He’s not afraid to be embarrassing in front of you.
Men are prideful creatures, and they cannot stand to be embarrassed in public. The only reason why he does embarrassing stuff in front of you is simply because he wants to see that smile on your beautiful face.

He has a tendency to always want to protect you.
Men are alpha creatures and possessive as well. So when he wants to protect you all the time, it doesn’t mean he’s a male chauvinist, it simply means, “You’re mine.”

When he speaks about the future, he’s certain you’ll be in it.
You know he’s awesome when every single time he speaks of the future, he’s cool, calm, collected, and confident that you will be there with him. Simply put, he’s already decided that you’re the one for him, confirm-plus-chop. No other way.

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He curries favours with your parents.
Boyfriends who disregard your parents are not awesome. They’re just in it for the short term. When he curries favours with your parents, communicates well with them and adhere to the rules they set, that’s when you know he’s in for the long haul. If that isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is.

He’s weak in front of you.
He’s has to be strong in front of others, because weak men are undesirable. But if he shows a vulnerable side to you, it means he believes and trusts in you.

He’s willing to meet and make nice with your friends; even though you know he hates it.
He hates your friends, but he’s willing to meet and talk pleasantly with your friends because he knows they’re important to you.

He waits around for you, no matter how long it takes.
It could be due to projects or work, but you always seems to make him wait for you. Not only does he wait without (much) complaints, you’d realise he thoughtfully gets you your favourite food or coffee to perk you up after your hours of hard work.


He listens to you when you tell him stuff
He doesn’t patronize you but offers constructive comments and offer words to perk you up. And no, we don’t mean thinks like mmmm, orh, ok, uh huh. He’s genuinely interested in what you have to say.

He’s not rich, but he tries to give you the best
He doesn’t earn much from his part time job, but every time a special date comes up, he still splurge on things for you that he will never, ever get for himself.

You’re first, he’s not.
You’re always the number one priority in his life, and everything comes second, including himself. He can get you branded bags and purses, but he’ll stick to his old tattered wallet shop wallet he bought 3 years ago, thank you very much.