13 signs that you’re too obsessed with food


Last Updated on 2016-06-22 , 5:42 pm

1. Your favourite times of the day are breakfast, lunch time and dinner time…. and maybe tea time . supper time and snack time…..

2. You get excited and your pupils dilate when you are talking about FOOD, whether you are gushing about how yummy the oozing chocolate lava cake is or how you manage to perfect the art of making macaron.

3. You are willing to do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING to satisfy your food cravings. Whether it is going to 5 different coffeeshops/foodcourts to find kimchi pancake or learning how to make it from scratch when you cannot find the pancake you want.

4. You have international taste buds: you find that the best chicken rice ball comes from Malacca, the best almonds from Australia, the best burgers from USA…but you also know where u can find good substitutes in your own country

5. Whether it is holidays or weekend getaways, you find yourself always on a food trail

6. You adore friends with a car because they can drive you to the secluded café that u always want to go or to JB for an impromptu feast on cheap zichar offerings.


7. You enjoy reading food blogs and planning your schedule around the restaurants or food stalls that you want to go, and toy with the idea of starting your own food blog too. For some of us, it is a greater challenge as we cannot resist eating up the food before taking any pictures for reviews

8. We hashtag #fatdieme #sinfultreats #toomuchfood #toofull but we still eat anyway

9. When talking about plans a month later… You ask: ”what about lunch?”

10. You have a TO EAT list on hand of all the cafes and food stalls and food you read about and want to try.

11. Your friends always go to you for advice on where to eat, what to eat. “EH Miss foodie, what to eat at Clarke Quay ah?” and you can rattle off a list of food from something traditional like Song Fa Bak Kut Teh to something fun like Bliss House Themed Restaurant to suit every taste buds.

12. The only reason why you exercise is so you can eat MORE.

13. You earn money to pamper yourself with luxurious good food such as the most expensive chicken rice at $28+ from Chatterbox.

Do you identify yourself or your friends as a foodie? =D

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