15 heartwarming things that guys should do for their girlfriend without spending a cent

Do you really need a thick wallet to impress a lady? Of course not; if your girl has been complaining that you’ve not been caring enough, you need to do at least five of these regularly!

1. When she is sick, prepare fruits or cook a simple meal for her. If it’s too time-consuming, just go buy a takeaway. And if the both of you are having a meal outside, make sure you order food that is healthy since she is pretty weak during that moment.

2. When the both of you are close to the road, make sure you stand nearer to the road

3. While you are having your meal alone outside and see your girl’s favourite food, buy it for her. She will feel both surprised and appreciative, because it goes to show that you remember what she likes. Also, remember what she dislikes so that you can leave these out when you’re buying food for her (e.g. if she dislikes a certain vegetable, make sure you leave that out as you order Subway)

4. Every morning, send a “Good morning” text to her; after sending her home, send a message to inform her that you’ve reached home safely.

5. No matter how busy you are, take the time to ask her about her day. Be a good listener and share your woes or joy with her. When she rants about something, just be a good listener and do not lecture her.

6. During shopping, help her carry the heavy stuff, and not walk in front of her as she struggles to balance her shopping bags.

7. While walking together, make sure she’s beside you and not behind you, if not you might not know when you’ll have lost her. Also, if she is wearing heels, walk slightly slower.

8. When the roads are uneven, make sure you warn her. If you didn’t notice and both of you fall…it’s actually quite romantic 😉

9. When driving or riding and she is in the car or on the bike, drive slow—because her safety is a priority.

10. If you smoke, position yourself so that the cigarette smoke will not float to her direction.

11. When sleeping together, if her blanket is no longer on her, take the effort to put it back on it

12. Help her to peel prawn or cut her food. It makes a lot of difference.

13. During her period, be understanding and if needed, buy chocolates for her

14. When she needs to go to the toilet in a shopping mall, go with her—but of course, don’t enter the toilet with her lah. Wait for her outside.

15. In a crowded bus or train, make sure you can always see her so that you can take action should she met some a molester or robber.

After reading this, don’t you think impressing woman is not about spending more time and money? All you need is to be a little more caring towards your girl, and she will love you more! 😉

Translated by Goody Books Editorial
Original Mandarin article from zh.goodyfeed.com at男友可以做的15件体贴行为

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