15 Most Common Chinese Names in Singapore and Malaysia


Last Updated on 2020-03-02 , 1:08 pm

Are you looking to name your child soon? Or are you just curious to find out what the most common Chinese names in Singapore and Malaysia are? Well, whatever it is, here is our very own list of that.

Jun Jie

I had two classmates in the same year that were both named ‘Jun Jie’, and calling them out for the regular write-your-answer-on-the-board had never been harder for the teacher.

Yi Ling

It’s kind of hard to remember the Yi Ling from your class when you have a few others to differentiate from.

Zhi Hao

It feels kind of depressing to see your own name being among the common, but I accepted it long ago. There would be at least two ‘Zhi Hao’s every year, and that’s not even including me yet.

Jia Hui

To see a Jia Hui once every year became a regular expectation for me.

Jia Hao

I always thought the name was cool, until I saw two over a year and became chilled about it.

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Xin Yi

This is pretty much a staple name in your up and coming class.

Hui Jie

Seen pretty regularly, Hui Jie’s a name for the seductive guys.

Hui Min

Associated in Primary School; associated again in Secondary School. Note: they are different ‘Hui Min’s.

Jia Yong

Met one in my pre-school years, and perhaps a couple more in the tertiary education system.


Jing Yi

I always think of the word ‘Classy’ whenever I see this particular name — it’s probably because every Jing Yi I have encountered before seems pretty elegant in her own right.

Yi Wei

Seen a few, but it wasn’t until the last couple of years that I started associating the name with a persona that’s intelligent and has a knack of throwing out not too sensitive remarks.

Yi Ying

Must be a trick of my mind, but a female with a bossy and you-better-get-here-right-now attitude pops up in my mind at the very mention.

Jun Kai

I must have met at least 5 ‘Jun Kai’s over the years, and every one of them seemed rugged for some reason.

Hui Ting

A nice-sounding name that always brings a pleasant ring to my ears every year.

Sze Jie

For some reason picturing a cool guy with a hard volley.

And there you have it, 15 of the most common Chinese names in Singapore and Malaysia. Let us know if you think they are common Chinese names if you’ve heard them before! Let us know too if maybe, you have a common Chinese name too.